Stamping tools


h+m dies & tools: Innovation meets precision

With dies from hinderer + mühlich you get more than just a tool. We support you in creating an extraordinary experience for your customer. For more than 50 years hinderer + mühlich has thought about how to bring more value to you and your product.

This results in producing innovative dies by using new technologies like our latest development: NanoEmbossing. This technology offers the design of new patterns, flows, satin finish, photographic effects and much more. Creativity combined with precision is constantly creating new horizons in design for you!

Let your creative ideas come true

Modern processes allow high-quality decorations in the packaging industry. Labels, folding carton, book covers, box wraps, greeting cards, and much more are decorated. Dies of h+m achieve high-precision, impressive and sharp contour stampings, all which inspire the spectator.

Transform your design ideas into unique stampings and benefit from a variety of dies, relief styles and pattern options with h+m.

Select between:

  • Flat stamping dies
  • Relief stamping (combination or embossing dies)
  • MicroEmbossing, NanoEmbossing and Textures
  • Lenticular stamping - Braille
  • Segmented rotary stamping tools
  • Other special purpose tools
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