DISTORUN®: How it works

This transfer unit for processing single images and endless decor in cold foiling fits perfectly into your labeling system. By placing our application module on the rail system of your printing machine, it tracks the printing speed and adapts it for refining the labels. Our DISTORUN® is equipped with modern servo control technology: A specially-designed software program allows individual frame positioning and cold foil single images can be accurately positioned. This works with a print mark reader that notes exactly the positions of the print marks. The foil section between two images can be rewinded and be used for a second finishing run. This way you can save a good deal of consumable costs.

  • Cost-effective foil-saving
  • Foil can be reused and remains true to register
  • For cold foil single images and endless decors
  • No extra costs for printing machine modification
  • Synchronized with the printing machine
  • Rail system for different positions on the print unit
  • Foil tension control on unwind and rewind
  • Available in 330 mm, 420 mm and 520 mm, with one, two and three foil stripes