DISTORUN®: The KURZ Cold Transfer Module

DISTORUN®: The KURZ Cold Transfer Module

Efficient and Sustainable Single-Image Applications and Continuous Designs via Flexo Printing

Flexo printers get ready: Our DISTORUN® BUILT-ON transfer unit opens up new horizons for your label printing process. While standard cold transfer modules work with a decreased functionality, our stand-alone module provides you with the full capacity of flexo printing. With a special focus on efficiency and sustainability. How it works? Reduce costs and resources to a minimum simply by using our smart foil saving unit plus our unique single-image application. And as a plus: Thanks to our intelligent BUILT-ON technology, difficult adjustments of your existing printing machine are not necessary.

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Most Flexibility for Individual Job Runs

Precision and Efficiency with Single-Image Applications and Continuous Designs

DISTORUN® enables sophisticated finishing by using the most efficient single-image applications and continuous design via flexo printing. In addition to standard designs, our innovative KURZ single-image application technology provides you with complete flexibility for individual label designs. Combined with our sustainable foil saving system, you gain two powerful benefits that will provide a tremendous competitive advantage. Create remarkable, customized designs with our stunning and brilliant TRUSTSEAL® SFX 3D effects for cold transfer finishing. 

Switch between Your Requirements Freely:

Single-Image Application with Our DISTORUN®

  • Precise positioning of single images via mark detection sensors
  • Exact positioning of the foil rolls on the winding axes via LED light curtain
  • Accuracy in web direction of  approx. +/- 0.3 mm
  • Three independent foil feeding and positioning devices
  • Waste reduction by monitoring of the register

Endless Decoration

  • Easy to operate endless decors
  • High accuracy tension control allows easy handling

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Most Sustainability with Foil Saving

As a pioneer in surface finishing, LEONHARD KURZ always has sustainability in mind: Equipped with state-of-the-art servo control and sensor technology, the DISTORUN® module enables you to reprint free areas on already processed transfer products using the built-in rewind function. By using each roll multiple times, you save resources and can enjoy highly efficient finishing to foster sustainability. Optimize your sustainability efforts by saving foil all the while, not having to compromise on design and performance.

Step 1: Label finishing up to now

Step 2: Partial foil-saving with KURZ cold transfer

Step 3: Most efficient & sustainable label finishing with our KURZ DISTORUN®

Simple Enhancement for Your Flexo Press Process

Carriage System as a Stand-Alone BUILT-ON Solution

DISTORUN® is a compact, stand-alone BUILT-ON transfer unit and works independently of the printing press control system. The module is placed on the rail system of your flexo press, with the web speed of the printed substrate being recorded via a rotary encoder. The cold transfer product is placed on the unwinder shaft with its cardboard core, and then clamped and fed to the printing press via deflection pulleys. This allows you to finish continuous decorations and single images without having to modify your labeling machine.

Our Cold Transfer DISTORUN®:

  • Processes both continuous designs and single images
  • Utilizing free areas saves film
  • Variable positioning on the rail system possible
  • No machine modifications necessary
  • Synchronized with the printing press
  • Equipped with modern servo control and sensor technology
  • Up to three rolls can be controlled simultaneously
  • Acoustic and visual warnings before the film runs out
  • Special widths on request

DISTORUN® Specifications

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