Cold Transfer for Web-Fed Printing

Vivid Design Novelties with Cold Transfer for Narrow Web Flexo Printing

Over the last decades, KURZ always focused on its customer’s needs. With our cold transfer technology for narrow web flexo printing, you can achieve stunning cold foil effects and precise finishing without the need for stamping dies. Therefore, our cold transfer finishings do not only embellish plastic self-adhesive labels (mainly polyethylene or polypropylene). But also, paper labels, tube laminates and folding boxes. The process consists of a combination of printing and laminating.

FAQ Narrow Web Flexo Printing

Economic Advantages:


Efficient web-fed offset printing


Low upfront costs


No stamping dies are required, only conventional printing plates


Rapid job changeovers


Speeds of up to 120 m/min can be achieved


Deformation-free transfer on label substrates

Cold Transfer for Label Printing: KPW XU

Narrow Web Flexo Printing for Labels

With our KPW XU we provide you with a real multi-talent for glossy cold transfer finishing on different surfaces: Whether plastic materials like PE, PP and PET, or papers with non-absorbent surfaces, our cold foil for narrow web flexo printing refines your individual label. But let’s not waste time, let’s check the facts:

What Does KPW XU Offer for Web-fed?

  • KPW XU provides optimum transfer features in web-fed applications
  • Excellent overprinting with UV flexographic inks
  • High gloss and great covering power
  • KPW XU features high edge-definition, without any flakes
  • Glossy finishing in silver and gold
  • Suitable for broad areas and fine details
  • Premium grade KPW XU is available in the colors ALUFIN® and LUXOR® 220. Other colors, including matte color tones, are under development

How Sustainable is KPW XU?

  • If printed on paper/carton board, it is 100 % recyclable and de-inkable
  • Reduced downtime
  • Less scrap
  • Easier processing (Plug & Play)
  • Strict adherence to standards and specifications
Feel oriental luxury with KURZ cold transfer for web-fed printing

Adhesives and Machines

The success of the cold transfer operation is largely dependent on the interaction of the adhesive with the cold foil. Therefore, KURZ works closely with adhesive manufacturers to ensure that all components are optimally suited to one another.

Real samples with real gloss - get our latest brochure 'Best for Overprintability: KPW XU'.

Simply Brillant: LIGHT LINE® KPO XU

Sparkling Labels with Cold Transfer for Web-fed Flexo Printing

Don’t be mistaken, our LIGHT LINE® KPO XU is in no way ‘simple’. With its unique sparkling diffractive effects, our cold transfer finishing emits a spectacular depth effect that catches customer attention at the POS. ‘Simple’ refers to the improved processing for web-fed printing. Since we developed a new formula, our latest LIGHT LINE® family member handles overprinting and lacquering more efficiently. Take a look at our amazing samples and order our latest LIGHT LINE® booklet now.

KPO XU for Narrow Web:

  • Sparkling diffractive effects
  • High gloss
  • Fine definition with easy release
  • Colors: Silver, gold & transparent
  • Suitable for fine lines and broad areas
  • Good adhesion on all listed UV adhesives used with cold transferfor narrow web flexo printing
  • Overprintable with UV curing inks


  • Plastic materials like PE, PP & PET
  • Papers with non-absorbent surfaces

Coco Fresh


Maya Vibes


Pop Art




LIGHT LINE® inVISIBLE: A Stunning Semi-Transparent Look

New Design Possibilities for Flexo Printing

Discreet yet extremely effective. Adaptable yet eye-catching. Our new LIGHT LINE® inVISIBLE label finishing plays with visual contrasts to perfection. It achieves this through a symbiosis of graduated transparency and breathtaking trend colors to create super exciting label designs in flexo printing.

You can easily integrate our LIGHT LINE® inVISIBLE into your existing printing process without the need for extensive adjustments, thus freeing up capacities for the design process. Whether partial or full-surface finishing, a modern trend color or your corporate color, graduations of 25% or 50% - with its high flexibility, our cold transfer formulation will quickly become an invisible hero in your successful product design.

Also discover our latest trend colors and be inspired to create new label designs!

Visibly More Attention with Invisible Design Effects:


Transparent formulation in different graduations (up to 50%)


Large range of effects and colors


Customized color match possible


Exceptional color fidelity – even in yellow (no gold tinge)


Application via cold transfer in flexo printing


No additional machinery equipment needed

3D Holograms for Cold Transfer

Get ahead of your competitors with a spectacular and vibrant look for your packaging and labels. Use TRUSTSEAL® SFX to create a fascinating 3D design that actively connects your product with customers: The fascinating look of our hologram effect will attract the customer’s eyes immediately and will leave other products in the shadows. From product design to brand identity, our hologram foils boost your brand's recognition factor. The implementation is as simple and user-friendly as possible: TRUSTSEAL® SFX single images can be applied via cold transfer for narrow web flexo printing. Get our magic sample collection or take the shortcut and learn more about KURZ cold transfer for the graphic industry here.


TRUSTSEAL® SFX Highlights at a Glance:

  • Amazing 3D characteristics
  • Holographic design effects
  • Exceptional gloss
  • All LUXOR® colors, plus transparent or metallic
  • Round, angular, convex or teardrop shape
  • Single-image decoration for cold transfer
  • Easy application with our DISTORUN® cold transfer module

Best Practice in Cold Transfer: DISTORUN®

KURZ DISTORUN® is our unique application module for highly accurate processing of single images and endless decors in the cold transfer process. The centerpiece of our capability is a specially designed software program that allows you individual frame positioning and efficient foil use. Place our DISTORUN® on the rail system of your printing machine and start the application of cold foil single images and endless decors. Recording the track speed and the print mark positions is also part of the module and is linked to the printing process. DISTORUN® operates separately and is not affected by the controls of the printing press.



General features:

  • Cold foil single images and endless decors
  • No printing machine modification is needed
  • Synchronization with the printing machine
  • Rail system for different print unit positions
  • Foil tension control on unwind and rewind
  • Foil can be reused and will remain true to register
  • Available in 330 mm, 420 mm and 520 mm widths, with one, two and three foil stripes

DISTORUN® for More Sustainability:

  • Less waste
  • Precise foil positioning for economic utilization
  • Sustainable foil-saving function

All facts collected are waiting for you in our brochure 'Cold Foil Transfer Module DISTORUN®'. Get it here.

Your Sustainable Benefits of Narrow Web Flexo Printing

You think our DISTORUN® is already a great deal for sustainability? You are right. But we think sustainable wholeheartedly. If you want to change your production to an environmentally friendly process too, get in contact with us. We advise you in sustainable finishing possibilities for your labels and packaging with our narrow web flexo printing solutions. 

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