Case Study with Amberley Labels

DM-JETLINER Takes Amberley Labels to the Next Level

Case Study for the Luxury Cosmetics Market

With over 40 years of printing experience, Amberley Labels is one of Europe’s major players in label manufacturing. From hot stamping to debossing and cold transfer, the company offers its customers in the cosmetics, perfume, food and spirits industry a wide range of label solutions. But as a supplier to luxury cosmetics brands, Amberley Labels faced a dilemma: Manufacturing the growing number of limited editions with minimal lead times. 

Even though they are only part of the day-to-day business, small series pose new challenges for label manufacturers. Although the machine configuration and test phase are identical for small and large orders, the output and therefore the maximum profit could not be more different. So how can you make job changes more efficient? How can manufacturers flexibly switch between small and large orders without losing speed and generating more costs?

A Sustainably Promising Partnership:

Headquarter of Amberley Labels in the United Kingdom

Amberley Labels

Award-winning manufacturer for decorative & functional labels

Detail of the DM-JETLINER for digital label finishing


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Interview with Amberley Labels


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The Goal

Amberley Labels was looking for a finishing technology that would make print jobs more flexible and faster, regardless of the order volume. It wanted its future machine to not only impress with efficiency and metallization quality, but also be able to be optimally integrated into its existing printing system.

The Solution

For maximum efficiency when switching between small and large orders, there was only one solution for Amberley Labels: KURZ digital transfer. With our DM-JETLINER, they opted for a digital finishing unit that significantly reduced lead time through short set-up times and the elimination of stamping tool production. Thanks to the individually adjustable finishing speed of up to 75 m/min., they were able to realize dynamic orders and also permanently retain customers with further design possibilities. Print runs of 100 or four million, customer-specific label designs with breathtaking KURZ metallization, hologram effects, and even overprinting could be completed ad hoc thanks to the high register accuracy without wasting time or material.

“And the support today, to be fair, has been fantastic.”

Managing Director David Richards from Amberley Labels

The integration into their existing HP Indigo 6000 print system was seamless. After just a few days, the KURZ DM-JETLINER was fully integrated inline. The metallization unit also scored points with its adjustable speed regulation, so that the printing and finishing process merged into a single harmonious work process. This enabled Amberley Labels to increase efficiency and maximize output, whether their customer ordered a small batch or placed a large order with them.


For Amberley Labels, our DM-JETLINER was the obvious choice. Because KURZ not only provided them with a finishing machine but a complete digital transfer system: The perfect combination of digital metallization technology, almost unlimited color, and design possibilities thanks to our KURZ transfer finishings, and convenient inline integration. Using their usual inkjet printing system as a ‘basic adhesive’, Amberley Labels was able to take full advantage of completely new possibilities in digital finishing with KURZ metallization. At the same time, this brought about new sustainable benefits, as both energy and material input could be reduced, and the supply chain optimized.

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Complete view of the DM-JETLINER digital finishing machine for label printing

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