The unrivaled technology for surface feel and attraction

Hot stamping: The easy fit for the future

Hot stamping is the most beautiful type of finishing – with incomparable gloss, unbeatable tactile and extraordinary 3D structures. Hot stamping is a high-performance process nowadays – and is made even easier with our KURZ EASY initiative. For example: with tools for shortened set-up times, with uncomplicated foils that save setup time; and with FOILCONNECT®, our software with effective tools e.g. for simplified ordering and efficient use of foil.

KURZ EASY incorporates hot stamping processes into the digital world, and opens new horizons for planning and carrying out your stamping jobs.

Enhancement made KURZ Easy

What is KURZ Easy? What gets easier for you? Markus Hoffmann, Member of the Management Board and Senior Vice President Industrial Products & Applications at KURZ, reports the details.

LUXOR® / ALUFIN® M-series:
The answer to increased market requirements

Our M-Series makes stamping foil selection and processing KURZ EASY. The M-Series consists of a streamlined platform program, reducing the amount of different foil grades by simultaneously increasing processing windows.

The foils can be processed more quickly and more easily, are more robust and suitable for more substrates and motifs. They make very flexible and cost-efficient finishing possible for the user. This has been confirmed by our delighted customers.

Hot Stamping Foils News

Why are the hot stamping foils of the M series so successful? How does it make life easier for processors? Wolfgang Burkard, Head of International Product Management Graphics, Cosmetics and Fashion provides the answers.


High-end hot stamping foils for any kind of application - the LUXOR®/ALUFIN® M-series

The M-series makes hot stamping KURZ Easy:

LUXOR®/ALUFIN® MTS - the most versatile hot stamping foil ever.

All other products in the M-series: expert foils for special surfaces and demanding stamping jobs.

KURZ Overprint: The new GIO sets the benchmark for overprinting even higher!

Overprinting hot stamping is a continuing trend. Our new
LUXOR®/ALUFIN® GIO caters to it perfectly. For years we have set the standard in terms of overprinting. Now GIO, the new overprinting champion, has further improved release and stamping properties.

When you jump over benchmarks, new horizons become visible.

General Characteristics of LUXOR®/ALUFIN® GIO PRO

The Product has been developed for the overprinting processes with oxidative or UV-curing foil inks, with or without further overlacquering. It shows sufficient adhesion and coverage on most cardboard and paper materials common in the market, and can be processed on a majority of graphical machines. LUXOR®/ALUFIN® GIO PRO was tested for broad and solid stamping motifs, and for micro-structure stampings under laboratory conditions.



Technical Requirements:

  • good adhesion of foil to material (tape test)
  • foil definition (no flakes)
  • suitable inks systems for printing on plastic surfaces
  • suitable foil formulation: GIO-N/NB/Pro, MTS, HC
  • good communication between all involved parties/people



h+m dies & tools: Innovation meets precision

With dies from hinderer + mühlich you get more than just a tool. We support you in creating an extraordinary experience for your customer. For more than 50 years hinderer + mühlich has thought about how to bring more value to you and your product.

This results in producing innovative dies by using new technologies like our latest development: Nanoembossing. This technology offers the design of new textures, flows, satin finish, photographic effects and much more. Creativity combined with precision is constantly creating new horizons in design for you!

Hot stamping die
Hot stamping die
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