Case Study with Aura Print

Luxurious 'Flagships'– Aura Print and the DM-LUXLINER

Case Study on Premium Business Card Finishing – When Standard Is Not An Option

Traditional business cards are still very important in the digital age. As a figurehead for companies or individuals, a printed card serves as a personal conversation starter and a valuable memory aid. It ensures reachability and relays competence and sphere of activity. Ideally, it not only exudes professionalism but also arouses curiosity in the recipient. But to do so, it needs that certain something!

Aura Print is aware of this fact – because the print shop has done its research and discovered that end customers often want high-quality business cards. That’s why Aura Print wants to give business card suppliers the opportunity to expand their product portfolio accordingly.

Aura Print Ltd.

Aura Print, an expert in every type of digital, litho, and large-format printing,is aware of this fact – because the printing company has done its research and discovered that end customers often want high-quality business cards. This is why the British company wants to give business card providers the opportunity to expand their product portfolio accordingly.

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The Goal

Based on customer surveys and sales data, Aura Print knows very well that if you sell business cards but don’t offer a wide range of finishing options, you’ll miss out on sales. In addition, more and more end users are choosing to upgrade their business cards to a more luxurious, high-quality finish instead of going with the industry standard.

The challenge for Aura Print was therefore to offer its customers as many paper and finishing options as possible so that they could impress their buyers with their unique products.

The Solution

Our DM-LUXLINER meets all these requirements and offers cost-efficient digital decorations on paper and cardboard – even for very small orders. “A wide range of substrates and finishes is the key to upselling. Thanks to the DM-LUXLINER, our offering is one of the most extensive in the industry,” says Liam Smith at Aura Print.

Advantages of Finishing with the DM-LUXLINER from KURZ:

  • UV-free, digital finishing based on ink or toner
  • Brilliant metallizations with excellent resolution and razor-sharp edges
  • Wide color range, easy overprinting
  • High efficiency (up to 2,400 B2 sheets per hour)
  • Customized high-gloss or metallic designs
  • Sustainable thanks to simple deinking and recycling processes


“Aura Print is all about choice. Our customers come back time and time again because we give them unique products. It’s not the price that leads to loyalty, but our product quality and service. And that’s impossible without a reliable partner like LEONHARD KURZ,” says Liam Smith, explaining the decision in favor of the DM-LUXLINER.

Whether customer-specific adaptation, customization, small order, or special edition – LEONHARD KURZ’s digital transfer capability knows no bounds. The DM-LUXLINER belongs to the absolute premium class for digital finishing in the market – when standard is not an option.


Attractive, UV-free finishing for digital printing


Efficient solution for series production and special series


Comprehensive consulting on design and finishing processes

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