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You are looking for amazing design ideas? High-class inspiration samples and mood boards? Welcome to our design lounge – the creative heart of our product development for the graphics industry. Our KURZ Design Management team aims to be continuously up to date. We investigate new trends coming from society with impact on a wide range of innovative and future thinking areas in design, technology, fashion, and art. We collect and analyze this new information and use it as a source of inspiration for trendsetting designs. View what's next!

DREAMCOMPOSER® for Seamless 3D Packaging Model Creation

Just a few steps to create an attractive 3D model: Our DREAMCOMPOSER® software for designers facilitates the generation of packaging designs virtually, in an uncomplicated way. Our tool offers a selection of over 100 real KURZ transfer decorations as well as exclusive design effects with which you can quickly find the best look for your cardboard boxes, bottles, jars and more.

And this is how it works: With just a few clicks, a PDF document becomes a fully designed 3D model. This means that ideas can not only be imagined on paper, but also viewed and tested on screen from all sides, from different angles. Without having to produce a real mock-up.

Using a viewer link, the model can then be easily shared with colleagues or the client. Change requests can also be implemented live directly and without unnecessary loss of time. In addition, 4K screenshots can be created at the touch of a button. Coordination couldn't be easier. Read even more information about our KURZ DREAMCOMPOSER® here.

Benefits for Designers:


Fast prototyping of refined packaging designs


Easy to use without extensive know-how


No special hardware required


Web-based and accessible from anywhere


Fast live interaction with stakeholders


Easy change and direct implementation, i.e. everyone sees changes immediately


Cost effective way to create 3D prototypes, virtually


No tinkering, folding or actively piecing together patterns (sustainable, as no waste)


From upload to finished 3D prototype in under 10 minutes


All designs are stored on a secure server without access by KURZ

Translucent Artworks

The LUMAFIN® Design Tool

Creativity – that’s what drives us designers, after all: The quest for something special, for the perfect finishing touch, that will set design apart from what was yesterday and results in totally new forms of expression.

This tool has been developed for all those with a burning passion for such expressiveness. For those who love playing with flickering color effects, iridescent light and translucent gradients, surfaces or accents. For shimmering, disconcerting and inspiring effects. It demonstrates how the interplay between ardent inspiration and bold design, between matte and gloss can work, how contrasts can find common ground with LUMAFIN®, our new translucent series. It’s different and unique. For transfer finishing, in combination with underprint or overprint techniques. For more depth or shimmering effects. For smooth surfaces or tactile accents. 

Touch, look, immerse yourself in your own creativity. And in addition to the shades shown here, there are all sorts of other design possibilities too. Get in touch.

Hot Look for a Cold Brew

Efficient Hot Stamping Enhancement for Breathtaking Label Effects

Perhaps you‘re counting on specific flavors? Or are you offering special beer types to serve a particular sector or regional market? The time has come to ring in the hot phase in product label design: Use visual appeal to influence your customers’ first impression. Indulge them with a special feeling when they buy – with a look that hits all emotional registers.

Hot-stamped Is Half the Battle:

From bottle seal and neck label to shoulder label and sticker seal, hot stamping lends your products the premium image crucial to success in your demanding market environment, down to the last detail.

Wow Your Customers with:

  • One-of-a-kind gloss
  • Design freedom
  • Alluring textures
  • Amazing microstructures
  • 3D effects
  • Wide paper choice
  • Recyclability

Make Every Day A #BigDay!

DIGITAL METAL® – A New Chapter in Finishing Technology

A wedding. The most beautiful day in the life of two people. No wonder that when planning the #BigDay, attention is paid to even the smallest detail – from the invitation to the menu card. And this special care deserves to make an impact on the outside too. 

Set brilliant accents even before the wedding – with cards finished with DIGITAL METAL®. Give save-the-date and invitations that certain something with impressive real-metal effects. Give each guest a very individual taste of what to expect on the special day and let the highlights of the wedding linger for a long time – with a magnificent thank you card!

With DIGITAL METAL® there are hardly any limits to your customers’ special wishes, ideas, and creativity. Because the overprinting makes it possible to use a large variety of colors and diverse metallic tones, even with the smallest runs. Get all technical information here.

Fine Details

From broad areas to fine details like letters, stripe pattern & more

Opaque Embellishment

KURZ LUXOR®/ALUFIN® colors convince with spectacular coverage

Breathtaking Gloss

Magnificent high-gloss designs for outstanding performances at the POS

Sparkle Up Your Designs with LIGHT LINE®









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