boxes No. 3 - Trend Colors

Uber World

Matt Art COLORIT® V 307047

Is it yellow or green - or simply a highly attractive filler? Matt Art COLORIT® V 307047 lays it on thick and is richly opaque. It’s a color that wants to be more than just a highlight. It clamours to be applied, to be mixed, touched and covered. More and more... And what happens then?

Above Purple LUXOR® 111007

At first glance, Above Purple LUXOR® 111007 appears to be a shiny, metallic, deep, dark color. It seems almost black, practically uber-saturated. But seen from the side it pops up, suddenly springing to life as a deep aubergine thanks to a fascinating flop effect that is eye-openingly stimulating. Just like the digital world. There are moments that call for a touch of excess ... 


The infinite possibilities of the digital world that Generation Z has grown up with are spun into the clever holographic decor of SILVER LINE® Over: Grids emerge and dissolve again, boundaries blur and geometric shapes bounce off each other. The effect of this pattern is that of a state of constant change, where shapes are perpetually reassembled to form ever-shifting infinite patterns.