DM-JETLINER 2D for Digital Transfer

Digital Printing on Paper and Labels

Enhancing paper and labels with a metallic design is the next step to win over customers at the POS. But especially for beginners, many questions occur: What is digital transfer? How do you embellish your product with sparkling metallic effects? What kind of press do you need for digital embellishment? Can you foil with an inkjet printer? Our DM-JETLINER 2D achieves amazing metallization effects on paper and label materials during the digital printing process. Our digital transfer solution uses the application method ‘Inkjet on Foil’ for digital embellishment. With this, our high-performance digital transfer module even convinced HP Indigo regarding a cooperation: Our digital pre-print foil unit DM-JETLINER 2D was combined with the HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press to simplify the production of high-value labels with metallic effects in one pass.


Get All Benefits at a Glance:


Easy integration into production chain


Follows production speed of the digital printing press


Foil, adhesive and enhancement module from KURZ


Speed to market


Late stage customization


Custom-made hologram foils available (tickets, etc.)


Foil is overprintable (imitate/replace offset cold foil)


Consignment stock of foil/Pay-per-Stamp model


Automatic foil reordering

How Does Digital Printing with Inkjet on Foil Work?

2D Digital Transfer by LEONHARD KURZ

Once the metallization is applied to the unprinted substrate with a UV-curing adhesive, the PET carrier is removed, and the substrate can be overprinted within the printing machine. The digital transfer process can be integrated seamlessly inline into your digital printing machine – upstream from the digital color printing. With our DM-JETLINER 2D we invented an undeniably digital embellishing unit for many substrates, like plastic and paper materials. If you wonder why you should choose KURZ, here is why:

Incredible Gloss: DM-JETLINER 2D


High gloss, a huge range of colors and super-fast application: KURZ digital transfer causes industry expert hearts to beat faster. How is that possible? Our DM-JETLINER 2D transfers your desired metallization onto a broad range of substrates as a part of the digital printing process. Thereby you can enjoy all benefits of DIGITAL METAL®, including a wide color range and complete service. Get inspired by our exquisite selection of DM-JETLINER 2D product examples to enjoy the powerful inkjet on foil digital printing process.


  • DIGITAL METAL® Silver, Cold Silver, Gold 220, Gold 385, Gold Matte 428, Blue 132, Green 139, Red 142, Copper Light 355, Matte 396, High Gloss
  • DIGITAL DIFFRACTION® Laser, Crosslight, Twinkle, White Stars
  • DIGITAL HOLO® Promotion



The DIGITAL METAL® UV-INK is a specially developed ink for use with the DM-JETLINER 2D which enables DIGITAL METAL® transfer finish applications on various substrates like paper for digital printing, label material, PP and PE – and is part of the complete KURZ package for perfect results.

DM-JETLINER 2D: Automation for Efficiency & Sustainability

Digital inline metallization on paper & labels

Technical Advantages of the DM-JETLINER 2D

Process efficiency is not only of significant importance for aspects of economy. Every saved running metre of paper or kilowatt hour can be directly translated into the energy balance of a company. With automation of production processes, you gain control of all production steps and recognize where to improve. Our DM-JETLINER 2D for digital printing is equipped with optimized process units to ensure trouble-free operation. For more details get our DM-JETLINER 2D brochure.

Sustainable Benefits

  • Foil saving unit
  • Minimized set up time
  • Print on demand
  • Reduced time to market
Convenient & automatic: integrated billing & reordering system

KURZ Pay-per-Stamp

  • Integrated billing system
  • Convenient, once-per-month invoicing model
  • Automatic foil reorder upon reaching minimum quantity
Discover the water cooled UV-LED curing station for digital printing

UV-LED Pinning Unit

  • Controls the spread of the ink droplets
  • Adjustable over machine interface
  • Supports sharp designs
Digital printing module DM-JETLINER: dancer controlled unwinding and rewinding unit

Foil Unwinding and Rewinding

  • Dynamic foil transport
  • Able to follow high accelerations of the press
  • Pneumatic clamping device for easy and fast foil change

This amazing digital printing concept is also available as stand-alone metallization unit. Read more details about our DM-UNILINER 2D and 3D here.

Sustainable Digital Printing: Foil Saving Multiuse-Process

Sustainable Benefits at a Glance:


Foil saving unit


Minimized set up time


Print on demand


Reduced time to market