PET Transfer Carrier

PET: Only a Transfer Carrier, No Residues

Many companies state today what they plan to achieve by 2030. However, we are already creating absolutely innovative solutions to promote an environmentally friendly production which, at the same time, gives us a decisive competitive edge. Reducing the materials we use, applying multi-use technologies to our finishes and our already active RECOSYS® recycling program represent very real measures to us that dominate our day-to-day activities.

What started as a genuine challenge at KURZ has since generated results and even developed into a game changer within our industry: From streamlining the carrier material to accepting returns of excess PET and remanufacturing as well as reusing ready-to-melt granulate – we are applying a clear sustainability principle that focuses on preserving resources as well as being efficient:


From 12 µm down to 6 µm: Thinner PET carrier only with KURZ

How to reduce waste


Foil saving with the smart KURZ DISTORUN® reuse module.

Sustainability + efficiency


World's first: Join our KURZ transfer carrier recycling system RECOSYS®.

Towards closed loop technology

Circular Economy instead of Greenwashing

RECOSYS® 2.0 Is the Next Step towards a Circular Economy

With full force towards a genuine circular economy - that's the goal we have set for ourselves as a company - and with the further development of our take back and recycling system for PET carrier films, we have now come one step closer. After years of development work, RECOSYS® 2.0 not only allows for the recycling of our transfer products, but also expands the range of possible applications for the recycled material.

With RECOSYS® 2.0, production waste can now be processed into recycled PET (rPET) for the first time. The wide range of applications for the valuable raw material rPET includes a variety of everyday products. By manufacturing rPET as the next logical step, we are moving significantly closer to the circular economy.

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KURZ Sustainability Strategy: Reduce Waste Now!

Less Microns – More Sustainability

Resource conservation is one of the core issues when it comes to eco-friendly production. This year, we are launching a revolutionary slimming drive to reduce the actual amount of waste generated when applying finishes to labels and print products. Our optimized slim surface decorations offer you the exclusive attractive look and performance guarantee you have come to know from us, whilst reducing the amount of material used.

To be more specific: The PET substrate material is going to be reduced from 12 µm to 6 µm! This allows us to help you not only reduce the total amount of plastic waste in your production but also achieve cost advantages: Thanks to the reduced thickness, each roll can hold more running meters of usable decoration. This means more time for applying the finishing touch and less time spent replacing rolls.

10 µm Transfer Carrier

Within this business year we will start to shift all 12 µm products to 10 µm. This 16.6% reduction in material and carbon footprint will deliver to you as a side effect, longer rolls, better coverage and less waste.

6 µm Transfer Carrier

For cold transfer in sheet fed and narrow web, we will offer you the option to reduce the carrier by 50% ending up in an extremely thin 6 µm film. Our KPS slim (Patent Pending) already provides you with all sustainable benefits of a slim production process for sheet fed. Read more.

A World Premiere: KURZ Transfer Carrier Recycling

KURZ RECOSYS® for PET Carriers

Do You Want to Waste Raw Materials? We Don't! With KURZ RECOSYS®, we offer a return and recycling system that re-processes a valuable raw material from used PET carriers. RECOSYS® is the world’s first process that makes it possible for KURZ transfer film residues to be recycled.

But how does it work? Our system can be used to produce both recyclables and monomers for PET polymerization. This converts residual transfer products into a high-quality injection molding material called RECOPOUND®. Order our free information material now.

Let's Close The Finishing Loop Together

Traditionally, PET carriers have stopped being important once the transfer decoration has been applied to the substrate. Because KURZ surface finishes do not transfer any carrier film to your product. On the contrary, the transfer material is removed, collected, and stored separately as industrial waste. On its last journey, PET was mostly used as a substitute fuel instead of gas, coal, or oil in various industries such as the cement industry.

But as an eco-conscious trendsetter, we asked ourselves: Is that really the best we can do? Do we really want to waste such a valuable raw material? Of course not! As a pioneer in the graphics and plastics industry, we have done what we do best: We have pooled all our expertise and developed a completely new recycling system for PET carriers, KURZ RECOSYS®.

Our Goals

Make Sustainable Decisions, and Produce as Usual

Our KURZ RECOSYS® return and recycling system offers manufacturers enormous potential: With its environmentally friendly properties, our system opens up a sustainable path to a bright future in increasingly sensitive markets.


1. Full Transparency

Your supplier’s participation in RECOSYS® is certified. This allows you to credibly demonstrate sustainability within your supply chain. A clear competitive advantage for you!

2. Optimized Sustainability Balance

Show accountability! RECOSYS® certified finishers minimize fossil fuel consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.

3. Green Profile

Your certified commitment to more sustainable finishing sharpens your profile as a Green Leader. You position your brand sustainably – with your customers and among the competition.

360° Transfer Finishing – How It Works

Trust in our smart order system

Step 1

Discover our RECOSYS® transfer finishings in our online store. You can only join the RECOSYS® program with one of these special decorations. So use our contact form and have an account created for you in the KURZ online store right away. After placing your order, our transfer finishing products will be delivered as usual.

Leonhard Kurz: no waste policy

Step 2

The transfer design is processed in the printing house.

We handle small & large jobs easily

Step 3

The used PET backing film is sorted and stored.

On our way to your facility

Step 4

KURZ collects used PET backing material.

Technical progess: PET recycling by KURZ

Step 5

The PET backing material is fed into the KURZ recycling process.

Precision & passion for sustainability

Step 6

The recyclate properties are optimized.

Recycled & optimized for a second use

Step 7

The new raw material returns to the recycling loop as injection molding material for high-quality products with a wide range of properties.

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