Be a Green Leader

Sustainable Finishing for Packaging & Print

Sustainability Without Sacrificing Excellence in Finishing

As a global technological leader in the hot stamping sector, KURZ offers pioneering solutions in the field of print finishing. KURZ hot stamping technologies not only impress by means of exceptional print results, efficiency and cost-effective processes but also through demonstrating a high degree of environmental sustainability.

As a reliable partner for your packaging finishing, we decided to take our service a step further: To meet your sustainable questions eye to eye, we developed the webinar 'How KURZ hot and cold stamping products optimize the recyclability of your packaging'. So, let's start to learn and work together for a better future.


Finishing Using Environmentally-friendly Hot Stamping Technology

Anyone who takes sustainability seriously must take the entire value added chain into account – from manufacture to processing, right through to the end product and its disposal. For each of these four areas, KURZ provides services which are unique within the sector.

The end product: Hot stamping does not create any composite materials and uses an extremely thin decorative coating which contains no hazardous substances and is easy to recycle

The application process: No wet lacquer, emission-free and with minimal energy consumption

The manufacturing process: Waste water free, solvent-free recovery, exemplary CO2 footprint

Production waste: Free from hazardous waste, PET 'return back' initiative, innovative recycling concepts

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