World Debut: KURZ Transfer Recycling

KURZ First: Your Sustainable Decoration Life Cycle

KURZ makes the unthinkable possible! We are the first company in the world in our sector to manage it: We have brought deinking, composting and now recycling together. So you think Life Cycle Thinking isn’t possible with decorated print products? We say it is! Find out more via our KURZ 360° TRANSFER FINISHING here.

Transfer Decoration and Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges of our time and is an integral part of the identity of many brands worldwide. To be successful on the market, a company must have a credible approach to recycling. We support our customers from the printing sector with well-founded knowledge along the entire value chain – from production and processing, through to the end product and its recycling.

Take a closer look at our sustainable engagement with our brochure "Be a green leader – With sustainability finishing in print & packaging" (PDF)

Logo of KURZ sustainability campaign 'Be a Green Leader'

Impress Sustainably from Production through to Recycling:


After all, it’s packaging with aesthetic and functional surfaces that increase value, generate demand, protect goods and provide key buying incentives through unique design. Use your opportunity and underline your credibility and implementation strength among your customers with our products and services for environmentally-friendly, high-quality printing.

Don't miss our latest webinar about the Optimization of The Recyclability of Your Packaging'.

Our Partners:

KURZ Life Cycle Thinking

In Harmony with the Environment

Think sustainable!

Your Finished End Product

Systematic Environmental Compliance – From Stamping to Disposal

Glossy metallic packaging, magazines and similar pose the question: How is it possible to finish these products with a clear conscience? Learn more about your finishing possibilities with KURZ and get all the information about sustainable refinement without sacrificing excellence in finishing.

Harmless for the environment: KURZ transfer processes

The Application Process

Dry, Emission-free, Energy-efficient

What makes KURZ unique? We only add extremely thin aluminum and lacquer coatings onto a substrate. The carrier is completely removed and only the coatings remain on the substrate. Let's take a closer look at our sustainable application process.

Upgrade: sustainable manufacturing with KURZ

The Manufacturing Process

Optimal Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

All around the world our sites are certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard plus DIN ISO 50001 energy management. Get a look behind the scenes.

The Transfer Carrier

Closing the Material Cycle

We turned a vision into reality: LEONHARD KURZ is first in the industry to move straight towards closed loop recycling technology. With this we revolutionize our production process and offer our customers a reliably performing PET carrier recycling plant. Once again, KURZ takes the lead in the sustainability movement within the graphic industry. Get all details here.

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