The Manufacturing Process

Sustainable Manufacturing Worldwide: Energy Efficient. CO2-reduced. Free from Waste Water.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for sustainable decoration? Then you are in safe hands with us: All of our production sites worldwide are certified according to DIN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 50001 for responsible environmental management and sustainable energy management. What does this mean in concrete terms? We not only produce our transfer decorations free from waste water, with energy efficiency and using certified ingredients. Our decoration products also impress with the lowest CO2 footprint in the sector.

Certainty in the Selection of Raw Materials

In order to protect people and the environment (in accordance with REACH Ordinance), we globally buy and use only raw materials and approved chemicals that do not restrict the recyclability and harmlessness of your products. Our rigorous purchasing policy, coupled with strict controls on incoming goods and regulations, ensures that we have full control over our ingredients.

We use only ingredients that do not contain volatile, ozone-depleting halogenated hydrocarbons, cadmium, lead, mercury or hexavalent chromium. Furthermore, the new classification of titanium dioxide (Regulation (EU) 2020/217) is not relevant to our transfer products. Thus, we ensure that our transfer products contain only that which we specify.

Production Process: The Key Elements at a Glance

  • Safe raw materials as a basis: no harmful substances, heavy metals or carcinogenic components according to the EU Chemicals Regulation REACH
  • Recovery of solvents: after the laquering process, and use of these for energy and heat generation
  • Transfer products with lowest CO2 footprint: thanks to waste-reducing production on the widest printing presses in the industry
  • Wastewater-free production process
Aerial photo of Sulzbach-Rosenberg facility with focus on photovoltaic plant

Sustainable Manufacturing

KURZ Sets Global Standards

Energy reduction as a focus point

Minimized Energy Use

Lowest Carbon Footprint in the Industry

We can produce one square meter of LUXOR® cold transfer decoration with approx. 15 W/m². Thus, the product only pollutes our environment with 1.5 g CO2-equivalent/m². We achieve this low carbon footprint by applying surplus regenerative heat in the manufacturing process, generating on-site solar-energy, and by purchasing green electricity.

Global sustainable manufacturing standards

International Standards

Embodying Sustainability Awareness

All KURZ plants worldwide are certified in accordance with the international environmental management standard DIN ISO 14001 and follow a strict, customized environmental management system. Integrating energy management standard ISO 50001 throughout the entire company also helps us to increase our awareness of sustainable and energy-efficient processes. We are also investing in a carbon-neutral production process at our locations around the world, efficiently tailoring our production to carbon reduction and thus supporting local and international markets.

  • Wastewater-free production process
  • Lowest possible carbon footprint
Packaging & label recycling

Efficient Energy Recycling

High Efficiency, Lowest Emission

We recover the solvents evaporating out of our in house designed lacquers during the drying process by generating heat and energy for our production process. Thanks to our regenerative heat and energy plants, we can achieve high efficiencies. This system also enables us to stay far below the emission values allowed by law. 

  • Regenerative heat and energy generation with 95 % efficiency
  • Only 15 % of the permitted emissions
  • Use of cogeneration units
Think twice: revolutionized energy concepts

Purposeful Energy Management

Well on the Way to Becoming CO2-neutral

Step by step, we are getting closer to our aim of a CO2-neutral production process. For example, 100 % of the electricity used at KURZ Germany already comes from renewable sources. We generate some of the energy ourselves using solar panels. We are also well on our way internationally, as KURZ China proves, where the area of rooftop solar panels has been doubled to 20,000 m². 

  • 100 % energy from renewable sources
  • Expansion of our own photovoltaic systems

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