Case Study with tea amo

tea amo Meets LUMAFIN®: A Creative Love Story

Case Study on Decorative Label Design Finishing in the Beverage Industry

A still young brand – tea amo – sets out to conquer the world of gastronomy with surprisingly new iced tea varieties. Ten flavors – made with love and marketed with heart and soul. And you can see that!

The founders of the Stuttgart-based company are very passionate about their product – and wanted to express this though the design of the label. The idea was for the hearts depicted on it, which are kept in the colors of the fruit components used, to be impressively staged with the help of an additional decor. The challenge: The effect was not allowed to change the design and should be rather subtle.

The ambitious project was realized in cooperation with several strong partners:

Headquarter of Goelz-Druck in Germany


Founded in 1925, Goelz-Druck GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of labels for the beverage and food industry.

Headquarter of RBS Druckveredelungs GmbH in Germany


RBS Druckveredelungs GmbH Süßen was founded in 1997 and specializes in embossed foil printing in various embossing types.

The Goal

The label design around the colored hearts needed to be visually supported and become a real highlight. “It was important to us to turn the label into something truly special without changing our basic idea. But simply applying spot varnish didn't seem enough to us,” explains Panagiotis Karastergios from tea amo.

We had to find an elegant solution. A decoration that perfectly captures the fresh character of the young product and at the same time sets subtle accents. Together with the label manufacturer Goelz-Druck and the finishing company RBS, the team went on a quest – and succeeded.

Rendering of tea amo label design

The Solution

The unique, aluminum-free LUMAFIN® hot-stamping finishing from LEONHARD KURZ met all the expectations of the creative team and proved to be a real hit. The translucent formulation gives the colors a new luster and the under printed design a fascinating visual depth. Panagiotis Karastergios explains excited:

“The hearts on the label look like they are behind glass, and the iridescent effect makes them look different every time you look at them. This makes you eager to try our iced tea varieties just by looking at the label.”

LUMAFIN® offers exceptional finishing options:


Available in high-gloss, transparent, transparent metallic, and in many different colors


Perfect for semi-transparent spot effects


Ideal for labels, paper, and cardboard packaging


Can be easily processed on sheet-fed and roll-fed stamping machines


“A product like LUMAFIN® is still unique in the finishing industry to date, and creates extraordinary and sometimes unexpected effects,”

explains RBS Managing Director Andreas Bieser. “Whether I want to add strong color accents or just a slight shimmer to the surface – LUMAFIN® is very versatile in this respect.”

KURZ always wants to offer its customers something new. The expert in decorative and functional surfaces is therefore constantly expanding its color and effects portfolio. Whether it’s new trend colors, a variety of metallic decors, or impressive holographic effects – KURZ leaves hardly any finishing wish unfulfilled.

Bottle set with different colored semi-transparent hot-stamped designs
LUMAFIN® design tool for semi-transparent effects on labels

“We are constantly reinventing ourselves. On the one hand, we want to offer our customers something new, but on the other hand, it’s also important to us to simplify and optimize their processes,”

says Stéphane Royère, Head of the Packaging and Print Business Area at LEONHARD KURZ. He continues: “We offer everything from new, versatile product qualities and complete solution packages, to digital machine systems. But we are also constantly expanding our color and effects portfolio, so that hardly any finishing requests remain unfulfilled when customers choose us. And there is no contradiction between finishing and sustainability because in our transfer process only wafer-thin layers of varnish are transferred, and no PET.” Find out more here.

Don't Miss These Benefits

tea-amo ice tea varieties at a glance with KURZ surface embellishment

Aluminum-free hot-stamping finishing for creative masterpieces

Recycled PET granules from our inhouse recycling plant

100% recyclable and compostable surface finishes

Headquarter of LEONHARD KURZ in Germany

Competent consulting on design and finishing processes

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