2D & 3D Digital Transfer for Sheet-Fed Prints

Groundbreaking Digital Embellishment for Commercial Prints plus Packaging

Experience true 'WOW!' effects with our DIGITAL METAL® solutions for sheet-fed printing – in two or three dimensions! With our flexible machine solutions, you can bring real sprint all-rounders into your facilities. Whether it's a small special edition or a large-scale project, our DM-LINER® enhances your designs with fantastic metallization effects from the first to the last print – with crisply defined edges and supreme details. Go one step further and discover our digital printing solution for exceptional haptic 3D reliefs.

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Cover Design

  • Book cover
  • Magazine cover

Packaging Design

  • Paper packaging
  • Cardboard packaging

Cards & Tickets

  • Menu cards + greeting cards
  • Gift voucher + tickets

Compact 2D Digital Finishing for Sheet-Fed Prints: DM-SMARTLINER

Flat Digital Metallization on Paper & Cardboard

Eco-friendly, sustainable manufacturing is one of the key topics for LEONHARD KURZ. With your ecological footprint in mind, we decided to provide you with a more compact but equally performing digital transfer machine: Our KURZ DM-SMARTLINER for 2D finishings. This digital finishing unit supports especially small format printers that finish jobs up to SRA3 sheet size with a high-speed, high-gloss metallization. The saved time and energy input during the embellishment reflects directly and positively on your energy balance.

For more information, please order our latest DM-SMARTLINER brochure here.

Benefits of 2D Digital Transfer with Real Metal Effects:


For mass customization and individualization


Customized metallic finishing


Individual labels or packaging


Various label or packaging campaigns


For small runs, special editions or different product series

DM-SMARTLINER Specifications

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How Does It Work?

Functionality & Design

UV-Free 2D Digital Transfer on Ink or Toner: DM-LUXLINER

For Commercial Prints & Light Packaging

As part of the DM-LINER® product line, our DM-LUXLINER boasts attractive, metallic 2D decorations for digital finishing. And entirely UV-free at that. You can put a high gloss on labels, paper and cardboard, without subsequently complicating the deinking and recycling process. Whether customization, individualization, small runs or special editions, KURZ digital transfer knows no limits. Depending on your print system, we can make the systems ‘transfer on ink’ and ‘transfer on toner’ available to you.


Your DM-LUXLINER Benefits:


UV-free digital finishing


Finishing for toner- or ink-based digital printing


Very easy to set up


Good results as of the first sheet


Up to 2,400 B2 sheets/hour (depending on print and substrate)


Custom-made hologram designs available (tickets, etc.)


Pay-per-Stamp model

DM-LUXLINER Specifications

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More Details of the DM-LUXLINER

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Tactile Digital Transfer Finishing: DM-MAXLINER 3D

Digital Metallization with Spot and Relief Coating for Sheet-Fed Printing

Our DM-MAXLINER 3D breaks the barriers of digital finishing for sheet-fed printing: A clever combination of metallization and coating turns digital printing into a unique haptic relief experience and gives sheets a tangible 3D look. Realized with the support of our subsidiary Steinemann DPE, more than 40 years of machine development experience merge together in our unique flexible DM-MAXLINER 3D. We are now pleased to present you a new landmark for digital finishing with highly reliable industrial construction, high durability and low maintenance costs. Don't miss our DM-MAXLINER brochure 3D with detailed information about this fascinating digital metallization technology.


For Real 3D Effects with Digital Sheet-Fed Printing:


Matte and gloss spot-coating


Tactile effects


Reliefs by using different coating thicknesses


High printing speed


Large format up to sheet size B1+


Short set-up times

DM-MAXLINER 3D Specifications

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How It Works?

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Your Sustainable Benefits of Digital Transfer for Sheet-Fed Printing

Sustainable production and brilliant print results simply go hand in hand with our modern digital printing solutions for the sheet-fed printing process. Fast start-up time, mostly dry metallization without adhesives, and an intelligent film-saving system mean lower energy consumption, less waste, a longer machine service life, and therefore an outstanding level of environmental protection.

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Reduced energy input


Minimized set-up time


Less waste

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