TRUSTSEAL® Lens: 3D Lens Effect in Various Shapes

Deep Lens is a crystalline design that captivates observers with extraordinary depth and spatial effect. The Deep Lens motif allows for wide variety. It is a single image which can also generate continuous designs. The basic motif is a lens available in many shapes, whether round or square, heart- or diamond-shaped, star or sun.

More metal colors are available with overprinting, in addition to metallized lenses in gold and silver. An available transparent lens design makes further design options possible. This means the holographic depth effect can be overlaid on any colors and on image motifs such as brand logos and key visuals.


TRUSTSEAL® Lens for Your Product Refinement:

  • Hot-stamped 3D effect
  • Holographic design effect
  • High gloss
  • All LUXOR® colors, plus transparent or metallic
  • Different shapes: Round, square, heart- or diamond-shaped
  • Single-image decoration