FoilConnect® FAQ

Is My Data Secure with FoilConnect®?

FoilConnect® runs on a high-security server which issuing banks and OEMs also use. The server is always technically up to date. You can confirm at any time, on site and in Fuerth (Germany), whether it meets your requirements. Our specialists will show you the IT department at KURZ and answer your questions.


Can I Calculate Only Hot Stamping Foil Data from KURZ?

The manufacturer of the foil is irrelevant to the calculation. Of course, we are glad to see you working with foil from KURZ.


When Are Costs Generated in the Calculation Process?

Your calculation will not incur charges until you have saved your PDF with stamping surface data on our server. If you cancel the procedure prior to saving, you do not pay anything. This is also true if you make changes to PDFs from previous jobs – the procedure will only be charged if you save your PDF again.


What Happens to the PDFs I Have Paid for, When My Calculation Quota Has Been Used Up?

Previously paid calculations remain stored on the server. Within a specified time frame (see terms and conditions) you can access these PDFs again, once you have acquired a new calculation quota.


Can I Install FoilConnect® on My Own Server?

No, this is not possible. FoilConnect® is a Web application which we constantly update. Because the application is only available online, our customers benefit directly from all updates.


Can I Acquire a Perpetual License for FoilConnect®?

No, this is not possible. We only offer temporary user licenses in order to ensure needs-driven development of the application.


Which PDF Versions Does the Program Accept?

FoilConnect® accepts all versions of Adobe PDFs. Our customer support at FoilConnect® is glad to help if you have any problems uploading a PDF.