Semi & Full Transparent Hot Stamping

Playing instead of Designing - Creative Masterpieces with Transparency Effects

Are you ready for the limitless world of hot-stamped transparency effects? Then get ready to welcome new packaging ideas with our KURZ designs! Create surprising color overlays with our fantastic semi- and fully transparent hot-stamping effects. Whether tried-and-tested designs or new creations - treat your product to an aesthetic renaissance with KURZ hot stamping!

Ten glass bottles arranged in a circle, white labels and crown corks with hot-stamped heart design

Design Freedom with KURZ LUMAFIN®

(Semi) Transparent Hot Stamping Effects


Detail of white gold wine label with gold decorations and lettering

Case Studies: Beverage & Food Label Designs

(Semi) Transparent Hot Stamping Effects

Case Studies

LUMAFIN®: Aluminum-Free, Hot-Stamped Embellishment

Unleash the Power of Transparency with Kurz Hot Stamping Solutions

You are looking for an attractive and effective coating for underprinting? Brilliant effects without aluminum? Then stay with us! Our translucent hot stamping formulation gives your packaging and label designs a new coloring and a fascinating visual depth: LUMAFIN® allows underprinted designs to shine through in a mysterious way. The motifs appear as if protected behind glass or transparent plastic, with a graceful pearlescent effect. To the advantage of packaging designers and finishers, LUMAFIN® is now available for package and roll label decoration.

Inspire with the Extraordinary: Semi-Transparent Hot Stamping


  • Available as high-gloss transparent, translucent metallic or in many different colors
  • Semi-transparent spot effects
  • LUMAFIN® for labels, paper & cardboard packaging
  • Usable with sheet-fed & web-fed stamping machines

LUMAFIN® - High-gloss Spot Effects for Labels

Hot Stamping Case Study: Transparent Label for the Beverage Industry

Maximum flexibility in label printing - many brands are looking for smart ways to promote their products even more attractively at the POS. With the (semi-)transparent hot stamping solutions from LEONHARD KURZ, you get a real design boost that brings your labels to life with exciting effects. Learn more in our joint case study with tea amo:

In Love with Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping Case Study Wine: Label for the Alcohol Industry

The wine label was offset printed in black and red and then hot-stamped with LUMAFIN® 720 red and LUMAFIN® 701 met. bronze. The semi-transparent effect of LUMAFIN® is particularly effective here: the high-contrast print image is still discernible through the metallization when viewed directly, but disperses increasingly towards the edges. The effect is particularly apparent on the curvature of the wine bottle. The stamping die of LUMAFIN® 701 met. bronze also has a matt-gloss nano-embossing structure. All other elements were relief-embossed with LUXOR® 397. Have we inspired your curiosity? Get our fascinating brochure with more LUMAFIN® label designs. For free.

Hot Stamping Case Study Olive Oil: Label for the Food Industry

In the first production step, the motif was offset printed in multicolor. Embossing then took place with LUMAFIN® 701 met. bronze, LUMAFIN® 710 yellow and finally LUXOR® 397 in metallic gold. The large-scale use of the LUMAFIN® 710 yellow is particularly attractive here and provides high-gloss contrasts on the lightly structured paper. LUMAFIN® 701 met. bronze and LUXOR® 397 give the label a luxurious feel with their tipping, which gives the olive oil a sophisticated look and creates a great impression at the POS.

Ultra-Thin Decor with Sustainable Ingredients

A 0.003 mm thin decorative layer - in our hot-stamping finishes there’s only space for environmentally friendly ingredients. We don’t leave any aluminum, plastic, or any harmful coating materials on your product. Specifically this means: 100% recyclable and compostable surface finishes!

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100 % recyclable and deinkable


No impact on composting process


Only ~2.4 g/m² lacquers


Slim aluminum layer: 0.02 µm

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