DM-UNILINER 3D: Digital Spot Coating and Metallization in Narrow Web

Stand-alone for Pre- or Post-Printing Embellishment

Are you curious how to realize 3D effects with digital web-fed printing? Get to know our innovative DM-UNILINER 3D for thrilling tactile label designs. Our stand-alone decoration unit for flat or raised varnishing and metallization effects is ready to use whenever and wherever you need it in your printing process. Read more or order our brochure 'Digital spot coating / relief varnishing and metallization in narrow web' here.


DM-UNILINER 3D Benefits at a Glance:


Roll-to-roll printing process


Flat finishing results


Raised finishing results


High gloss effects


Matte results

How to Achieve 3D Effects with Digital Embellishment

Digital Web-Fed Printing with LEONHARD KURZ

With the DM-UNILINER 3D, you can metallize and varnish in just one work step. Thanks to the ‘inkjet on substrate’ technology, the machine offers individual flexibility for your finishing process and allows you to create flat and haptic effects. With different ink lay downs from 4 μm up to 100 μm you gain maximum design freedom and break with the conventional flat 2D surfaces that are typical for digital priting. Finished with a wide range of metallization effects, high-gloss or matte designs will catch the eye of your customers at the POS.

Universal Pre- and Post-Print Digital Embellishment:


Our flexible digital printing unit enables metallization in pre-print or post-print processing and varnishing in post-print. This allows you to offer your customers even more design variety in the label segment – as an expansion of your product portfolio or as an additional service, e.g., for the economic creation of extraordinary design samples.

Top Productivity and Finishing with Narrow Web

With the DM-UNILINER 3D, you can finish up to 100 m/min, depending on the substrate. Roll diameters of up to 800 mm allow you to work in a time-optimized manner without having to change the reel. Your designs can be metallized before or after the printing process. An additional quality aspect is the possibility of protecting the digital metallization with digital UV spot varnish.

Optimal Register Accuracy with the DM-UNILINER 3D

Advanced sensor technology ensures precise metallization and varnishing of your designs with optimal register accuracy.

Multi-Reels for Maximum Time Efficiency

Up to 6 different transfer metal reels can run parallel on the DM-Unit of the DM-UNILINER 3D for time saving digital embellishment.

Pay-per-Stamp: Only Pay for What You Use

The stand-alone unit’s web-based software monitors your consumption according to the ‘pay-per-stamp’ principle. So you only pay for what you process.

Stay flexible all the time! Discover the best digital embellishment solution for you with our DM-UNILINER 3D basic or twin configuration. Get in touch!