2D & 3D Digital Transfer for Web-Fed Printing

Next-Generation Labeling: Digital Transfer for Web-Fed Printing

Decide for yourself where you want to shine: Our flexible finishing solutions for web-fed printing deliver exceptional finishing exactly when you need it. Surprise your customers with labels in an impressive metallic look – on paper and plastic! Print small runs, samples, or entire custom label campaigns on demand at unparalleled speeds. Discover our world first for haptic 3D effects and immerse yourself in the world of tactile relief printing for labels.

Label Finishing for Every Substrate:

Paper Labels

2D & 3D Digital Embellishment

Plastic Labels

2D & 3D Digital Embellishment

Pre- or Post-Printing with Our Stand-Alone DM-UNILINER 2D

Flat and Independent Digital Transfer for Web-Fed Printing

The KURZ DM-UNILINER 2D is renowned for its universal application in the narrow web sector and unleashes its full potential in your processes if you want to finish your labels and sleeves in a highly automated and flexible manner – whenever your job requires it. The tried and tested, mature 3rd generation of the digital decoration unit is equipped with inkjet technology and, in combination with different printing systems, can upgrade a print product with digital finishing. In addition, the efficient and cost-effective DM-UNILINER 2D works independently from the order size: Attractive decorations can also be implemented for smaller product series, special editions, or even for creating samples.

See for Yourself:


Customized metallic finishing for individual labels or label campaigns


Attractive embellishment for small runs, special editions, or different product series


Variable data brilliantly highlighted


Impressive high-gloss effects


Huge variety of colors and metallic shades feasible thanks to overprintability


Late-stage customization


Roll-to-roll printing process


Flat finishing result

DM-UNILINER 2D Specifications

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Maximum Design Freedom

Free yourself

Shrink Sleeve Decoration

Just shrink it

Bring Digital to Your Existing Printing Press or Converting Line with the DM-FLEXLINER 2D

More Flexibility with the Widest Range of Substrates in Digital Embellishment

The DM-FLEXLINER 2D is a very compact integration module for high quality flat digital metallization in narrow web printing. As a part of our digital embellishment solutions this Digital Transfer unit is characterized by brilliant metallic decoration results, flexibility and high efficiency. Specified to your individual requirements.

Digital Alternative to Hot Stamping & Cold Transfer:

Whether individual labels, special editions or series production: Experience brilliant digital metallization that makes your product eye-catching and unmistakable. Whether decorating small details or large areas, whether before or after the printing process or further processing: The inkjet on transfer layer technology provides a large range of individual digital metallization possibilities integrated in your existing conventional or digital printing press or converting and finishing machines.

See for Yourself:


Wide variety of compatible substrates from unsupported film to uncoated paper


Customized integration to your existing flexographic or digital printing press or converting line


Industry-leading levels of production speed, productivity, and efficiency

DM-FLEXLINER 2D Specifications

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Simply Complement Your Printing System

Embellish your labels with KURZ

DM-UNILINER 3D: Stand-Alone Solution for 3D Effects on Labels

UV Spot and Relief Coating for Digital Transfer for Web-Fed Printing

You want to achieve glossy spot coating, relief varnishing with a haptic effect, and brilliant metallization in a single operation? With the DM-UNILINER 3D, you can realize your design ideas for small to medium-sized product series and special editions in the narrow web sector. The heart of the DM-UNILINER 3D is the industrially proven 'Ink on substrate’ technology in combination with UV varnish from Steinemann DPE, combined with the KURZ DIGITAL METAL® technology.

Unique and Universal Digital Embellishments:


Digital application of metallization and spot varnish in one pass


High speed up to 100 m/min


Raised or flat metallization and varnishing effects


High-gloss and matte varnish effects


Perfect surfaces and filigree structures


Industrial construction, simple operation, quick job changes


Low varnish consumption, very short set-up times, little maintenance

DM-UNILINER 3D Specifications

Product information

Digital Spot Coating & Metallization

Digital embellishment

High-Gloss Digital Transfer on Labels: DM-JETLINER 2D

Inline Finishing Unit for Digital Printing Machines based on ElectroInk

Enhancing labels with a metallic design is the next step to win over customers at the POS. Our DM-JETLINER 2D achieves amazing metallization effects on paper and plastic labels during the digital printing process. Our digital transfer solution for web-fed printing uses the application method ‘Inkjet on Foil’ for a flat digital embellishment. With this, our high-performance digital transfer module even convinced HP Indigo regarding a cooperation: Our digital pre-print foil unit DM-JETLINER 2D was combined with the HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press to simplify the production of high-value labels with metallic effects in one pass.

Attractive Designs for Narrow Web Printing with Our DM-JETLINER 2D:


Easy integration into production chain


Follows production speed of the digital printing press


Foil, adhesive and enhancement module from KURZ


Speed to market


Late stage customization

DM-JETLINER 2D Specifications

Technical data

Functionality & Design Spectrum

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Your Sustainable Benefits of Digital Transfer for Web-Fed Printing

Less is more with our modern finishing solutions for web-fed printing: Less waste in production, less energy consumed through print-on-demand, less need for carrier films through multi-use, and less time required to start up production. And of course, 100 % PET-free printing!

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Reduced energy input


Minimized set-up time


Less waste

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