Shrink Sleeve Decoration with The DM-UNILINER 2D

Capture Attention at the POS with Stunning Versatile Finishing Solutions by KURZ

Are you ready to make your products stand out in today's competitive market? Look no further! KURZ presents cutting-edge digital embellishment solutions designed to elevate your shrink sleeves like never before. With our innovative technology, you can now unlock a world of creative possibilities. From captivating metallic finishes to mesmerizing high-gloss and holographic effects, the power to captivate your audience lies in your hands.

Immerse your products in stunning visuals that catch the eye and spark curiosity on the shelves. As consumers' attention spans shorten, it's crucial to leave a lasting impression, and KURZ is here to help you achieve precisely that. Our digital embellishment solutions empower you to personalize each sleeve, adding that extra touch of uniqueness that resonates with your target audience. Boost brand recognition and recall as your product pops out among competitors.

What's even better? Our solutions contribute to a sustainable future:

Reducing Environmental Impact: Embrace Recyclable Shrink Sleeves!

We prioritize sustainability in our products, making them future-oriented stars at the POS. Alongside the external design expectations, another crucial factor takes center stage - the recyclability of our products. In this regard, KURZ leads the industry.

Our KURZ transfer products enable segregated recycling of your shrink sleeves by easily decoupling the sleeve from the container. Embrace the freedom of design for exceptional packaging and meet the challenge of sustainable product decoration head-on!

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