Fast & Brilliant Finishing With Cold Transfer

Discover the Versatility and Efficiency of Cold Transfer Finishing with KURZ

Do you need top-notch metallized finishing in large format - and right away? Do you want your customers to enjoy top results while relying on an efficient and stable standard process? KURZ's cold transfer innovations create metallizations directly in the printing process, with high efficiency, captivating beauty, and fine filigree patterns. All without ever losing sight of sustainability. Our cold transfer technology ensures efficient surface finishing, reducing waste and optimizing production. Maximize customer satisfaction with LEONHARD KURZ.

Cold Transfer 2 in 1: Our Finishings - Your Machine

Achieve Fine Details and Full-Tone Images in Sheet-fed and Web-fed Printing

There are two processes for cold transfer, and they differ distinctly from one another regarding their application methods and the transfer technique employed. Cold transfer can be utilized in sheet-fed offset printing on the one hand, and narrow web flexographic, letterpress or offset printing on the other. These processes differ from one another not only in terms of printing machine systems used, but also in the materials, i.e. substrate, adhesive and foil grades.

Printed paper packaging, refined with green and black cold transfer materials

When Would You Use Sheet-fed Offset Printing?

FAQ Cold Transfer for Sheet-Fed

When Would You Use Narrow Web Printing?

  • Cold foil transfer in narrow web printing is mainly used for self-adhesive labels made of plastic, generally polyethylene or polypropylene
  • Paper labels, tube laminates and folding boxes are more and more often being finished by means of narrow web printing as well
  • Look here to see if KURZ cold transfer for narrow web flexo printing meets your requirements

FAQ Cold Transfer for Web-Fed

Design Scope for Cold Transfer

KURZ cold transfer has substantially widened the spectrum of design possibilities. Cold foil transfer enables metallic gloss designs to be produced that would hardly be achievable to a comparable level of brilliance by any other means. For an inspiring overview get our 'Cold Foil Shades' information pack here. Meanwhile, you can learn more hard facts about our cold transfer processs:


Ultrafine details


Filigree negative impressions, even on large surfaces


Full-tone and half-tone images


Large & full-surface decoration without limits


Multi-color overprinting without difficulty


Holographic designs

Your Sustainable Benefits of Cold Transfer

The thinnest decoration layers on the market, deinkable and compostable finishing qualities, completely recyclable cold foils with a PET return and reuse system, sustainable application processes – KURZ won’t do things by half-measures. As a driver of innovation, we improved the efficiency of the cold foiling process with unique decoration solutions. Besides our sustainable cold transfer decorations, our pioneering cold transfer DISTORUN® unit inspires with a resource-saving, emission free application process for sustainable packaging and label printing. Furthermore, thanks to its foil-saving unit our application module reduces waste production to a minimum. Get all the facts here.


Paper & carton board are 100 % recyclable and deinkable


Longer durability because of extremely good adhesion

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