Cold Transfer for Sheet-fed Offset Printing

Have you ever asked yourself, why commercial print jobs, magazines and wet-adhesive labels are predominantly finished with cold transfer decorations in sheet-fed offset printing? The answer is easy: Cold transfer convinces with outstanding gloss, excellent performance and the best price-performance ratio. We ensure optimal process stability by matching your customized cold foil design with the substrate by means of a special adhesive.

A Process with Many Advantages:


Design freedom for sheet-fed offset printing


Cold transfer is a combination of printing and laminating


Overprinting can be performed both inline and offline


Speeds of up to 20,000 sheets per hour


Allows use of standard offset printing plates, rollers, washing agents, and rubber blankets for applying the adhesive


Job changeovers in just minutes


No need to apply opaque white

Brilliance with UV: KPS-OP 891 for Cold Transfer

Finishing Master for Packaging, Labels & Similar

If you are looking for a glossy single solution for the decoration of packaging, wet-adhesive labels, commercial print jobs as well as magazines, go with KURZ KPS-OP 891. Our cold foil for sheet-fed printing performs with high gloss, high versatility and masters edge decorations with perfection.
UV technology is of course used by default. Precise registration can be achieved with this cold transfer process for sheet-fed, the same as color printing on the other printing units. As you can see, KURZ provides you with the best solutions for print finishing in the graphic industry.

Main Benefits


Higher versatility


​​​​​​Good edge definition


Good gloss level


Good overprintability


Outstanding adhesion to UV drying glues


Suitable for fine details and half-tones in sheet-fed offset printing


​​​​​​Very good overprintability with UV and conventional drying inks


​​​​​​Qualities: ALUFIN® & LUXOR® 220

Best Practice for LMI Adhesives: KPS-OP 093

Create Highlights for Your Food Packaging

The power of design in cold transfer decoration is nearly limitless. Especially in the food packaging industry, unique designs are significant for the sale of a product. KPS-OP 093 works best with LMI adhesives and helps you create a highlight at the POS. For KURZ cold transfer decoration in sheet-fed offset printing, mainly oxidatively/conventionally drying offset adhesive technology is employed.

Main Advantages

  • Excellent gloss
  • Very good coverage
  • Outstanding adhesion LMI adhesives for food packaging
  • Special package possible for LMI applications
  • Excellent adhesion to UV and conventional drying glues
  • Good performance concerning decoration of edges
  • Suitable for solid areas and fine details
  • Very good overprintability with UV and conventional drying inks
  • Qualities: ALUFIN®, ALUFIN® matt & LUXOR® 220, 232, 332, 319, pearl
Full-frame image of chocolate packaging example with metallization
Detail of packaging, designed with metallic geometric patterns in cold transfer for sheet-fed

Shine With Efficiency, Shine With KPS-X

High Gloss for Sheet-fed Print Designs

With KURZ KPS-X we recall our origins as a supplier of glossy gold leaf. But this cold foil remake is more than just a luxury finishing: Breathtaking brilliance, durability, excellent adhesion and perfect overprintability characterize our magnificent finishing for sheet-fed printed labels and photo books. With many years of experience, KURZ is your perfect partner to start a new design adventure with gold and silver cold foil. So, join us!

Main Plus Points:

  • Outstanding gloss
  • Very good coverage on label and photo book substrates
  • Excellent adhesion to conventional drying and UV glues
  • Highest performance concerning decoration of edges
  • Suitable for solid areas, fine details and half-tones in sheet-fed offset printing
  • Very good overprintability with conventional drying inks
  • Easy-to-use for machine setup
  • Very low glue consumption
  • Qualities: ALUFIN® & LUXOR® 220
Close-up of a pink packaging with golden details, finished with cold transfer for sheet-fed
Cold transfer sample: cardboard packaging with pink background and ornamental tile design

Your Sustainable Benefits of Cold Transfer for Sheet-fed Offset Printing

For finishing print and packaging jobs, our cold transfer solutions for sheet-fed offset printing provide you with unique sustainable features. Ready for more? Become part of the KURZ sustainability movement and you’ll BE A GREEN LEADER.

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