Cold Transfer for Sheet-fed Offset Printing

Have you ever asked yourself, why commercial print jobs, magazines and wet-adhesive labels are predominantly finished with cold transfer decorations in sheet-fed printing? The answer is easy: Cold transfer for sheet-fed offset printing convinces with outstanding gloss, excellent performance and the best price-performance ratio. With our new quality KPS SX+ cold transfer product we ensure optimal process stability by matching your customized cold foil design with the substrate by means of a special adhesive.

A Process with Many Advantages:


Design freedom for sheet-fed offset printing


Cold transfer is a combination of printing and laminating


Overprinting can be performed both inline and offline


Speeds of up to 20,000 sheets per hour


Allows use of standard offset printing plates, rollers, washing agents, and rubber blankets for applying the adhesive


Job changeovers in just minutes


No need to apply opaque white

The All-rounder: KPS SX+

The High Efficiency All-in-One Solution for Sheet-fed Applications

Our new KPS SX+ cold transfer product is a true all-rounder for sheet-fed applications. With its extended production window, it masters the balance between design diversity and technical possibilities plus frees you from the costly constraints of several products for different finishes.

The new quality is suitable for conventional systems, as well as UV systems in terms of adhesives and colors, for different substrates, food packaging and foil saving modules, for both large-scale and delicate motifs. You want to get all details compact and for further use? Order our latest brochure 'Cold Transfer KPS SX+' here.

Take the Lead with Cold Transfer:

  • Significant reduction in production costs
  • Maximum process safety and efficiency
  • Stable production quality
  • Plug & Play: Easy to set up and process
  • High flexibility in design
  • Optimization of resources

Outstanding Sustainability:

  • Meets global requirements, including packaging/electronics industries
  • SQTS Certificate
  • Recyclable end product
  • No plastics or laminate on the packaging
  • Does not affect the automatic sorting process, nor the packaging deinkability or composting process
  • Qualified as KPS RECO+ for the KURZ PET recycling program RECOSYS®

Redefining Design & Technology

KPS SX+ for Unrivaled Performance with Cold Transfer for Sheet-fed

The new cold-transfer formulation for sheet-fed offset printing impresses with its brilliant gloss and is even suitable for challenging designs and gradations. Processed with the right consumables, the new KPS SX+ is even suitable for jobs where laminates are to be replaced. So many advantages – for your success. See for yourself!

One for All:

  • High gloss level
  • High opacity
  • Advanced design possibilities from large-scale to delicate
  • Even half tones/gradations with just one product (depending on the printing blanket)
  • Flexible Overprinting
  • Works optimally on all cold transfer modules
  • For all adhesives/color systems: UV, oxidation-conventional, low-migration
  • For a wide selection of substrates

Easy to Process: KPS SX+

Your Benefits from Cold Transfer for Sheet-fed Offset Printing

KPS SX+ is a true all-rounder without airs and graces, even with regard to substrates. The unique cold-transfer quality works on many different substrates – as well as recycled and difficult categories, thin materials and almost all types of cardboard available in the world of packaging.

In addition to this wide range of applications, KPS SX+ is also easy to handle and can be processed with less adhesive consumption and pressure, depending on substrate and design (or artwork). Benefit from the added performance of a first-class all-rounder with KPS SX+.

Suitable for Many Substrates

  • For almost all types of cardboard (exception: dry stock)
  • For recycled cardboard, e.g., with gray back, etc.
  • For thin substrates, e.g., Chromolux < 100 gsm
  • Specialty printing blankets are useful for recycled and low-cost substrates

Best Performance with Adhesives

  • Significantly less adhesive volume
  • Less contact pressure
  • Excellent adhesion profile after a very short time
  • Efficient further processing possible

Plug & Play

  • Easy to use
  • Large processing window
  • Speeds up to 20,000 sheets/hour
  • Reduced build-up on rubber blankets (set-up-dependent)
  • Less soiling in the cold-transfer module/machine
  • Processability with lower pressure

Besides our new KPS SX+, other cold transfer products for sheet-fed offset printing remain available – of course. Please get in touch to receive more information. We are looking forward to providing you with our fascinating LEONHARD KURZ portfolio for cold-transfer finishing.

Glamorous Entrance: LIGHT LINE® KSO

Create Highlights with Cold Transfer for Sheet-fed Offset Printing

Cold Transfer for sheet-fed offset printing provides you with a real WOW effect at the POS. How are you ever going to outdo this? The answer is simple: LIGHT LINE® KSO. With its vibrant diffractive effects, our cold transfer finishing takes your breath away. So does the simplicity of the application: Whether inline or offline, our KSO performs optimally with sheet-fed offset printing. In combination with an oxidatively/conventionally drying offset adhesive, as well as with UV-drying adhesives, you achieve best results for coated paper and cardboard printing. Convince yourself with sparkling samples from our LIGHT LINE® booklet. Get it now!

Main Advantages:

  • Breathtaking diffractive effects
  • Excellent gloss
  • Colors: Silver, gold & transparent
  • High edge definition stamping
  • Very easy to release
  • Suitable for fine to large area designs & screens
  • Good bonding to common oxidative/conventional & UV-drying adhesives for cold transfer for sheet-fed offset printing
  • Good overprinting with conventional & UV printing inks & lacquers


Sustainable Aspect:

  • Our LIGHT LINE® KSO is based on a particularly thin metallization formula. With this, only a minimum amount of decoration sticks on your print and packaging product; while a maximum customer attention effect can be achieved.

Your Sustainable Benefits of Cold Transfer for Sheet-fed Offset Printing

For finishing print and packaging jobs, our cold transfer solutions for sheet-fed offset printing provide you with unique sustainable features. Ready for more? Become part of the KURZ sustainability movement and you’ll BE A GREEN LEADER.

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