Digital Workflow Solutions

Experience Real Simplicity: KURZ Is Your Partner for Streamlined Workflow Solutions

'Lean & Easy' is the slogan of our Workflow Solutions designed to enhance your productivity and efficiency. With our software solutions and digital tools, we empower you to optimize your processes and achieve seamless operations. Whether visualizing your concept ideas via digital mockups, optimized consumables calculation or convenient shopping in the KURZ Customer Portal, we lighten your workday load. Our digital software solutions facilitate barrier-free work, ease of operation, and global accessibility. Streamline your projects with KURZ Digital Workflow Solutions.

DREAMCOMPOSER®: The Fastest Way to Create New Packaging

Our DREAMCOMPOSER® software allows you to visualize high-quality packaging designs in 3D. For this purpose, we offer you a selection of over 100 real KURZ transfer decorations as well as exclusive crestive effects that will make your packaging shine in the desired design. Not only cardboard boxes but also bottles, mascara tubes and jars can be designed virtually in this uncomplicated and simple way.


In just a few steps, a PDF document becomes a finished 3D model on screen. Using a viewer link, this model can be easily shared with colleagues or clients. This allows the entire project team to view and rotate the 3D animation directly and visually experience all the effects. Change requests are directly implemented live, so that all participants always have the current version in front of their eyes. In addition, 4K screenshots can be created at the touch of a button. Coordination couldn't be easier!

Do you also want to make your design dreams come true and without too much effort and tinkering? Learn more about our KURZ DREAMCOMPOSER® here.



Fast prototyping of refined packaging designs


Easy to use without extensive know-how


No special hardware required


Web-based and accessible from anywhere


Fast live interaction with stakeholders


Easy change and direct implementation, i.e. everyone sees changes immediately


Cost effective way to create 3D prototypes, virtually


No tinkering, folding or actively piecing together patterns (sustainable, as no waste)


From upload to finished 3D prototype in under 10 minutes


All designs are stored on a secure server without access by KURZ

Success Can Be Calculated: KURZ FoilConnect®

Our smart workflow solution FoilConnect® saves cost and time


Ask yourself this question often: Do I have enough decorative coating? Our web-based online calculator will help you keep an eye on your foil consumption. The online application FoilConnect® revolutionizes the calculation of your needs for hot-stamping foil for sheet-fed applications on up and down machines.

Your Sustainable Benefits with KURZ

  • Reduction of materials usage and waste
  • Minimization of transport and storage costs

Let's watch

Quick foil calculation with FoilConnect®

How does it work?

  1. Upload your stamping motif
  2. Enter your machine data and print volume
  3. Get your results within seconds: 
    • Accurate foil need for your design project
    • Correct machine set-up information for the stamping process
  4. Finally confirm your foil order
Easy to understand, easy to use: FoilConnect®

What You Gain:

  • Material efficiency: precise planning of foil consumption
  • Maximum flexibility and security in foil ordering
  • Cost-cutting cloud solution
  • No additional set-up costs
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Available worldwide and 24/7
  • Service support via remote access

FoilConnect® FAQ

KURZ Customer Portal: The Convenient Way to Order

Optimize Your Workflow with KURZ Digital Workflow Solutions

Ordering foil has never been so easy! Unlock the potential of our workflow solutions and optimize your operations: Check out our entire decoration portfolio for the graphics industry at the new user-friendly KURZ Customer Portal. Get some inspiration from our new products, or reorder your tried-and-tested choices. With complete flexibility and at no additional cost. See for yourself!

Contact us and our experienced support team will set up an individual Customer Portal account for you.

    Optimize Your Workflow with LEONHARD KURZ:

    • Flexible: Order 24/7 from our KURZ Customer Portal
    • Up-to-date: Our potal carries the latest product catalog, price list and technical specifications
    • Transparency: Simple and clearly laid out ordering - including order confirmation, delivery note, and invoice
    • Usability: Subsequent orders can be ‘single click’, thanks to the clever reorder function


    Partner with KURZ for more Sustainability:

    • Less returns thanks to carefully coordinated scope of delivery
    • Reduction in waste and lower disposal rate
    • Reduction in packaging from bulk orders

    Intelligent Product Protection: KURZ TRUSTCONCEPT®

    Secure your packaging with TRUSTCONCEPT®

    Security Label, Security Print & Security Software

    No one is immune from product counterfeiting. Take action now and protect your goods and your brand. Our reliable security package TRUSTCONCEPT® sets new standards in product protection: Our security labels feature high security holograms with unique effects, as well as digital seals in the form of smart labels with NFC integration. We top off your protection package by combining it with our TRUSTCODE® security software. Supported by a powerful database system, TRUSTCODE® is an identification, tracking and marketing tool. You combine tampering and counterfeiting protection with appealing marketing analyses and campaigns for your end customers.

      Get your individual security solution for labels & packaging

      Your Security Benefits of TRUSTCONCEPT®

      • Individual designs
      • Proprietary OVD technology
      • 360° product and brand protection
      • Product authentication
      • Protection from counterfeiting and tampering
      • Software-supported traceability
      • Supply chain tracking
      • Web-based marketing campaigns via apps and websites
      • Reliable performance from powerful KURZ 24/7 data center
      More security with sustainability in mind: TRUSTCONCEPT®

      Your Sustainable Benefits of TRUSTCONCEPT®

      • Reduction of CO2 footprint via material and transport efficiency
      • Minimum use of raw material for maximum product protection
      • Lowering of transport volume by avoiding complaints, returns and replacements
      • No additional devices needed
      • Process efficiency in the supply chain

      Digital Workflow Solutions with TRUSTCODE®

      Enhance Security and Protect Your Products and Brand

      As a leader in the security elements industry for over 40 years, KURZ is a pioneer of combining design, security, function and interaction. We focus on decorative product protection with high-security functionality. Our brand protection software solution TRUSTCODE® is based on proprietary technologies: We utilize OVDs, holograms, logos or serial numbers with digital functions such as product authentication, track and trace or loyalty programs. With the power of our high-performance database servers, TRUSTCODE® provides you with individual tools for your brand protection. Create your own cloud-based control unit with worldwide synchronized product data for authentication, product localization and data evaluation for advertising purposes. Let's find the best digital solution for your business.

      TRUSTCODE® Short Check:

      • TRUSTCODE® for brand protection
      • Authentication, loyalty programs, track and trace
      • Cloud-based software solutions
      • Location-independent data analyzing
      • Efficient digital database system
      • Access via web browser or smartphone application
      • Marketing tool for brand communications
      Two screens with preview of TRUSTCODE® admin center and user in front

      Your Sustainable Benefits of Workflow Solutions

      A precise planning of your projects doesn’t only reduce productions costs. It has a major impact on the sustainability strategy of your company, too. Digitalization can facilitate the work. If it is used correctly. We at KURZ dedicate our work to efficiency, durability and sustainability. The same goals, we want to share with you. Therefore, we provide you with ingenious solutions for resource planning, material calculation plus product and brand security. The reduction of energy input, produced waste and time losses are the main keys to a successful sustainable working environment. So let’s change your working processes for the better, together.



      Waste reduction


      Efficient resource input


      Minimized process time


      No duplicate orders

      Experience real simplicity with our workflow solutions

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