creating new horizons

KURZ advances hot stamping and cold foil
technology, designs the digital future of finishing,
embraces trends and opens up new markets. We discover
new horizons, perspectives and opportunities for your
printing and finishing.

The KURZ group offers holistic and future-oriented
solutions with the following innovation parks:

  • OVD Kinegram for security and management of light
  • Poly IC for printed functionalities
  • h+m for stamping tool technology
  • BAIER for application machines

Welcome to KURZ. Welcome to the future of print finishing.

Pioneers yesterday, today and tomorrow

New roads, new opportunities, new perspectives. As the leading innovator in stamping foil technology
and the mover for digital enhancement and functional printing, KURZ equips you for future challenges.

Ready to look into the future of print finishing? Discover new horizons with LEONHARD KURZ!




Those who know KURZ as a finishing specialist also know that we consider ourselves a leading innovator within the printing industry. And that's something our clients really notice. Worldwide. With a passion for our technology, we develop high-quality products with the best price-performance ratio.

KURZ is the foil producer with the greatest global reach in manufacturing and distribution. KURZ foils are available in reliable, standardized quality all over the world. And we offer on-site processing support.

We specify all raw materials used in our products, produce sustainably and meet or exceed required standards across the globe.

  • Best price / performance ratio
  • True global presence and availability
  • Innovative products
  • Reliability for ingredients and sustainability
LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KGSchwabacher Str. 482
90763 Fuerth

+49 911 71
+49 911 71
making every product unique
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