Breathtaking Hot Stamping Solutions

Feel the Exceptional

The world is changing, markets are moving faster but one thing remains: Hot stamping is the leading solution for high-class surface decoration in the graphic industry. No other transfer finishing meets the most stringent requirements such as handling rough surfaces and tactile designs with outstanding brilliance and durability. 

With our unique hot stamping solutions, you gain nearly unlimited design possibilities, a vast selection of colors and tactile effects with maximum customer attraction. Thanks to our longstanding experience we are confident in our transfer technology, which makes the refinement of an enormous range of substrates precise, durable and possible in high-quality. Blank or printed cardboards and papers, and even laminated or other difficult surfaces can be decorated very economically and more easily with our new hot stamping qualities.

More process details needed? Get a brief overview with our brochure 'Hot Stamping Process'. And help us create a product of incomparable gloss and quality. Amaze your customers at the POS with tactile haptics, 3D reliefs, and real product experiences. Leonhard Kurz stands for fast, efficient, and affordable hot stamping finishing.

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High End Hot Stamping with LUXOR®/ALUFIN®

Latest LUXOR®/ALUFIN® M-series Designs

If you are looking for a brilliant hot stamping all-rounder for any kind of application, here is your answer. The LUXOR®/ALUFIN® M-series. Its magnificent color and design range enchants packaging and labels with unique finishings in high-gloss, matte, real metal and relief effects. Hot stamping applications can be processed faster and easier. Even difficult substrates with laminated surfaces receive their finishing touches as easily as standard surfaces like paper or cardboard. Our flexible and cost-efficient hot stamping finishing materials are waiting for you with our well-known KURZ quality and maximum visual impact. Get our inspiring sample overview for the graphic industry.

Focus on Success

  • Hot stamping for high-gloss or matte designs
  • Single-color, multi-color, metallic or patterns
  • Unique tactile effects
  • From wide areas to fine details
  • Enormous range of substrates, like blank or printed cardboard, paper and laminated surfaces
  • Simplified processes
  • Higher application performance
  • More efficient stock keeping 

Focus on Sustainability

  • Paper & carton board are 100 % recyclable and deinkable
  • Decorative layer (<=1 wt.-%) does not influence the composting process, e.g. LUXOR® MTS 220 (DIN EN 12432)
  • Min. amount of lacquers (~2.4 g/m²)
  • Incredibly thin aluminum layers: 0.02 µm
  • If you want to learn more about sustainable hot stamping, read here

KURZ Hot Stamping Evergreens


The happy color series



Black is beautiful – all the more with hot stamping

Noble Design2

COLORIT® Transparent

Transparency for a unique spot effect. Let yourself be inspired!

Fresh ideas3


Magical pearlescent effect thanks to semi-transparent hot stamping finishing

Design gems4


Exceed overprinting benchmarks with KURZ GIO

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LIGHT LINE®: Magic Diffractive Effects

KURZ hot stamping: marvellous sparkling effects that are rich in color

LIGHT LINE® Trimatrix

No other process performs holographic magic like hot stamping. We take you on an inspiring journey into the future of packaging decoration for the graphic industry. Our hot stamping design LIGHT LINE® Trimatrix with diffractive effect gives your product packaging a touch of luxury. The razor-sharp design creates a top-class diamond look on your surfaces with its facet-like depth effects. It’s cool aesthetics emphasize the premium character of your product and invite you to want to touch it.

A stylish jewel amongst hot stamping decoration:

  • Diffractive hot stamping with depth effect
  • Diffractive effects
  • Exclusive and elegant design
  • Process reliability
  • Reliable and durable application results

LIGHT LINE® White Stars

As the new star in the LIGHT LINE® sky, White Stars puts your product packaging in the limelight. Our diffractive hot stamping design will make your product a shining star at the point of sale. The stunning endless design creates the beguiling impression of dancing sunrays on your packaging surface. This mystical, playful flicker is created by delicate, diffractive depth and motion effects, enhanced by the gentle color scheme in subtle gray.

Get in touch with us if you're interested in further LIGHT LINE® design trends

The star of hot stamping finishing:

  • Diffractive hot stamping foil
  • Endless design with depth effect
  • Sparkling star design with gray background
  • Process reliability
  • Reliable and durable application results
Give your product the last touch of freshness with hot stamping

LIGHT LINE® Classics

Are you in love with the magical charisma of rainbows? Then join us to redesign your packaging with our charming holographic effects. LIGHT LINE® Classics combine diffractive structures with outstanding brilliance and tactile hot stamping designs – exclusively for the graphic industry.

Let's share our art

LIGHT LINE® White Infinities

LIGHT LINE® White Infinities is your starting signal for rethinking your packaging design. The White Series for hot stamping is dedicated to sophisticated diffractive effects with a focus on depth and motion. With its reduced rainbow progression, pure white brilliance comes to the fore. No other hologram design adds more timeless elegance to your paper or cardboard packaging than our KURZ White Infinities.

KURZ White Infinities

LUMAFIN®: Aluminum-free Embellishment for Underprinting

You are looking for an attractive and effective coating for underprinting? Brilliant effects without aluminum? Then stay with us! Our translucent hot stamping foil gives your packaging and label designs a new coloring and a fascinating visual depth: LUMAFIN® allows underprinted designs to shine through in a mysterious way. The motifs appear as if protected behind glass or transparent plastic, with a graceful pearlescent effect. To the advantage of packaging designers and finishers, LUMAFIN® is now available for package and roll label decoration.

Inspire with the Extraordinary:

  • Available as high-gloss transparent, translucent metallic or in many different colors
  • Semi-transparent spot effects
  • LUMAFIN® for labels, paper & cardboard packaging
  • Usable with sheet-fed & web-fed stamping machines

KURZ TRUSTSEAL®: 3D Effects for Hot Stamping

Your search for breathtaking 3D effects is over: KURZ TRUSTSEAL® brings pure magic to your packaging. Despite what others tell you, no other finishing process can realize such a fascinating play of light and colors as TRUSTSEAL® with hot stamping. Our amazing holograms are a breakthrough innovation for the graphics industry: packaging, labels and similar products shine with more depth and a supernatural 3D effect on a 2D surface. Great extra: Our unique TRUSTSEAL® designs are most suitable for product and brand protection as tamper-proofed security label. Find out how this works here.

You want 3D designs with spectacular sharpness of details? Get KURZ hot stamping

Customized 3D Holograms: TRUSTSEAL® SFX

  • Visual 3D hologram effect in premium gloss
  • Decorating primary and secondary packaging
  • Paper packaging, shrink sleeves, plus paper and PET labels
  • All LUXOR® colors, plus transparent or metallic
  • Free selection of shape, including round, angular, tear drop, etc.
  • Single-image decoration

Revolutionize your Design

Focus point logo design: TRUSTSEAL® Lens for hot stamping

TRUSTSEAL® Lens: 3D Lens Effect in Various Shapes

  • Hot-stamped 3D effect
  • Holographic design effect
  • High gloss
  • All LUXOR® colors, plus transparent or metallic
  • Different shapes: round, square, heart- or diamond-shaped
  • Single image decoration

Convince yourself

TRUSTSEAL® Decorate: Unforgetable Brand Performance

  • 3D effect for hot-stamped Designs
  • Holographic effect
  • High gloss
  • All LUXOR® colors, plus transparent or metallic
  • Customized shapes
  • Single-image decoration

Be the first

A Real Night Sky with TRUSTSEAL® SFX

  • TRUSTSEAL® SFX combines aesthetics with depth effect
  • Unique effects – designed to match your specific needs
  • Sure to enchant customers at the POS
  • Can be applied via hot stamping or cold transfer
  • Available as wallpaper or single image

Hot Stamping Tools by H+M

With hot stamping dies from Hinderer + Mühlich you get more than just a tool. For more than 50 years H+M has thought about how to bring more value to you and your product packaging. This results in producing innovative stamping dies by using new technologies like our latest development: NanoEmbossing. This hot stamping technology enables the design of new patterns, flows, satin finish, photographic effects and much more. High-quality finishings on labels, folding cartons, book covers, box wraps, greeting cards, and much more can be decorated accurately. Dies from H+M achieve high-precision, impressive and sharply contoured stampings.

Gradual embossing for hot stamping finishing
Get your customized and durable hot stamping die by H+M
H+M hot stamping dies for tactile designs
New tactile adventures with H+M hot stamping dies
New typography possibilities in print: H+M unique stamping dies
Finest details with H+M hot stamping tools

Your Sustainable Benefits of Hot Stamping

As traditional as it is, the hot stamping process for the printing industry was always a step ahead in the matter of sustainability: Thanks to the perfectly coordinated mix of high temperature and pressure, fabulous designs can be printed directly onto the surface without leaving any foil traces. We use PET foils only as a carrier for our outstanding color effects. Furthermore, both the machine architecture as well as the stamping dies are extremely durable components. This guarantees you maximum performance with less energy input for new purchases, less waste, less process downtime. As the market leader for surface finishing for the graphic industry, our main goal is to provide you with sustainable finishing for your packaging. Therefore we focus on deinkablerecyclable and compostable hot stamping foils with no loss in brilliance and design freedom. If you want to get detailed information about our sustainable benefits, click here


100 % recyclable and deinkable


No impact on composting process


Only ~2.4 g/m² lacquers


Slim aluminum layer: 0.02 µm