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The world is changing, markets are moving faster but one thing remains: Hot stamping is the leading solution for high-class surface decoration in the graphic industry. No other transfer finishing meets the most stringent requirements such as handling rough surfaces and tactile designs with outstanding brilliance and durability. 

With our unique hot stamping solutions, you gain nearly unlimited design possibilities, a vast selection of colors and tactile effects with maximum customer attraction. Thanks to our longstanding experience we are confident in our transfer technology, which makes the refinement of an enormous range of substrates precise, durable and possible in high-quality. Blank or printed cardboards and papers, and even laminated or other difficult surfaces can be decorated very economically and more easily with our new hot stamping qualities.

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What Is Hot Stamping?

Hot stamping in the graphics industry is primarily regarded as a print finishing method. It is an attractive ancillary finishing technology for embellishing print products with unique glossy, metallic, diffractive, and tactile effects.

What Are the Usage Examples?

Hot stamping can be used in almost all areas of the graphic industry. On a wide variety of printed products, such as greeting cards, magazines, calendars, posters, brochures, book covers, business cards, plus packaging applications, like cosmetics or cigarette packaging, confectionery goods, and various food and non-food products. Furthermore, as a finishing process for cosmetics, beverage, or packaging labels, including self-adhesive and wet-adhesive labels.

What Are the Benefits of Hot Stamping?

  • Aesthetic designs with high-gloss, diffractive & tactile effects
  • High-speed processing
  • Appropriate for a large variety of substrates
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Strong adhesion & durability
  • Suitable for overprinting
  • No prior nor subsequent treatment, like priming or curing, needed
  • Sustainable benefits, such as being a dry finishing process & more


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Hot Stamping Tools by H+M

With hot stamping dies from Hinderer + Mühlich you get more than just a tool. For more than 50 years H+M has thought about how to bring more value to you and your product packaging. This results in producing innovative stamping dies by using new technologies like our latest development: NanoEmbossing. This hot stamping technology enables the design of new patterns, flows, satin finish, photographic effects and much more. High-quality finishings on labels, folding cartons, book covers, box wraps, greeting cards, and much more can be decorated accurately. Dies from H+M achieve high-precision, impressive and sharply contoured stampings.

Your Sustainable Benefits of Hot Stamping

As traditional as it is, the hot stamping process for the printing industry was always a step ahead in the matter of sustainability: Thanks to the perfectly coordinated mix of high temperature and pressure, fabulous designs can be printed directly onto the surface without leaving any foil traces. We use PET foils only as a carrier for our outstanding color effects. Furthermore, both the machine architecture as well as the stamping dies are extremely durable components. This guarantees you maximum performance with less energy input for new purchases, less waste, less process downtime. As the market leader for surface finishing for the graphic industry, our main goal is to provide you with sustainable finishing for your packaging. Therefore we focus on deinkable, recyclable and compostable hot stamping foils with no loss in brilliance and design freedom. If you want to get detailed information about our sustainable benefits, click here.


100 % recyclable and deinkable


No impact on composting process


Only ~2.4 g/m² lacquers


Slim aluminum layer: 0.02 µm

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