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Brand trust and long-term customer loyalty are the pillars of a successful company. The packaging design plays a decisive role in the brand experience. Our design team at KURZ knows: Design doesn't just mean creating visual incentives at the POS. It also conveys credibility and acts as a brand ambassador between the customer and your product. Successful brand communication combines aesthetics with customer contact. At the same time, our designs meet the growing challenges of globalization, automation and sustainability. Our innovative and attractive product concepts are not just a snapshot. They reflect on the trends of today and tomorrow and offer you the opportunity for a long-lasting customer relationship.

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Capture what’s moving the world. Visualize what’s shaping people’s outlook on life right now. That’s 'boxes'. Our translation of current trends into packaging design. Outside, sustainably timeless, versatile, reusable. Inside, four radically different designs – and yet everything fits together seamlessly. Packaging and explanation. Cause and effect. Sense and purpose. Our interpretation of an age in which the details have a lot in common. What? Unbox, touch, read.

This year we wanted an even more sustainable packaging concept. Our goal was to:

Reduce Material

Reduce Glue

Easy to Fold Flat and Recycle

#0 Outside Box


To save material we created the outside box to be used directly for mailing.
We added a simple white label with black print and TTR gold lettering on the ‘boxes’. We left an open area, where you can personally add the customer address.
We made 1,200 boxes this year and thanks to the TTR application we individualized each box by counting and showing the customer that this is a limited edition. The customer can see which s/he received e.g., 125th out of 1,200.

Our New boxes Trend Colors:

New Intimacy

  • LUXOR® White Shade
  • COLORIT® Orange Matter
  • LIGHT LINE® Zoning


Beautiful Dilettante

  • LUXOR® Basic Blue
  • LUXOR® Crafted Gray
  • LIGHT LINE® Tape


Planet of Youth

  • LUXOR® Defiant Pink
  • LIGHT LINE® Twinkle Select
  • LUXOR® Gloom



  • LUXOR® Purple Shift
  • LIGHT LINE® Velvet TS
  • LUXOR® Yellow Portal


Box next to Box. two

Winner of the Red Dot Award 2021

Unboxing what’s next: That’s what our designers at KURZ are passionate about. In order to track down new design approaches, they keep a constant and curious eye on what’s driving the world. This passion for new trends was recently rewarded with the Red Dot Award 2021. So let’s get inspired by our creative spirit and discover the second edition of our design series ‘Box next to Box’. Four new trends, eight attractive colors and breathtaking holographic patterns are waiting for you to discover – step by step, and box by box. So take a good look, because sometimes pictures say more than a thousand words.

New Trend Colors by KURZ:

The Outcry

  • LUXOR® Rebel Orange
  • LUXOR® Graffiti Pink
  • LIGHT LINE® Choice



  • LUXOR® Mastered Green
  • LUXOR® ReBlue
  • LIGHT LINE® Crossing



  • LUXOR® Virtual Purple
  • COLORIT® Blue Dimension
  • LIGHT LINE® Winding



  • LUXOR® Satin Cream
  • LUXOR® Soft Turquoise


Box next to Box. one

Design Trend: Hot Stamping

The first edition of 'Box next to Box' provides a stunning source of creative possibilities. With our concept we reach the next steps in terms of inspiration. It is directed to all dedicated design lovers, communication pros, established brands, artists, graduating classes at academies and talented autodidacts. Besides giving you an overview of all four KURZ Trends, our 'Box next to Box. one' introduces the latest KURZ Trend Colors by means of four stunning boxes. Revealed by pushing the inner drawer sideways like a drawer, our new inspirations for designers come to light.

In the confusion of conflicting tendencies it’s more important than ever before to filter out the ones with prospects. For designs that start at the point where ideas turn into innovative products, that embody a zeitgeist that wants more than just consumption. So take your time and view what’s next …

Box next to Box. one: Trend Colors


  • LUXOR® Merging Teal 
  • LUXOR® Brown Reset
  • LIGHT LINE® Library



  • LUXOR® Signal Orange
  • ALUFIN® Lucid Silver



  • LUXOR® Lost Purple
  • LUXOR® Red Vision



  • LUXOR® Matt Terra
  • LUXOR® Combo Green
  • LIGHT LINE® Basic


Box in Box – 4th Generation

Award-winning Design Concept

Design is a thrilling mix of sophistication and functionality. Today the market is flooded with professional designers next to amateurish wannabes. The difficulty increases for you, as customer, to find the real magicians from the world of creativity and fantasy. But what is a better signpost than a real design award? Rewarded with the Red Dot Design Award, you can trust the professional high potential of our design concept Box in Box. The Box in Box series is based on the newest impetus and each Box translates one trend into a visible and tangible experience. Take a fourth step forward and explore the latest KURZ Trends translated into design – step by step and box by box.


The Concept:

This is based on the well-known Matryoshka dolls from Russia: One piece fits inside another, larger one, to create a complete set of five nesting pieces. After opening the first box, the second one appears – a little smaller in size and ready to reveal the next.
Curiosity keeps you unpacking one box after the other, providing new inspiration for designers, not only regarding the four trends featured but in terms of the creative possibilities offered by hot stamping as well. With the fourth edition of Box in Box, we offer you a stunning source of inspiration that's sure to arouse your curiosity.

Box in Box Trend Colors:


  • LUXOR® Strato Sky
  • LUXOR® Amorphous Blue


Magic Realism Nuvo

  • LUXOR® Mysterious Ruby
  • LUXOR® Soft Copper



  • LUXOR® Beyond Blue
  • LUXOR® Brisk Green



  • LUXOR® Dark Blur
  • LUXOR® Rusty Earth


Fashion Inspiration Book

Catch the Seasonal Spirit


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#reset creativity

#the past is now



#embracing change

#life follows function

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