Cold Transfer

For Narrow Web Printing

Cold foiling in narrow web printing – here's how it works:

The process consists of a combination of printing and laminating. As a rule, foil transfer occurs inline and can be easily integrated into the printing process; the foil is applied as a "fifth color", so to speak.

The processing steps:

  • radical curing UV adhesive is applied to the substrate in the desired design
  • cold foil is then laminated on top of the substrate by a nip-roller
  • adhesive is cured by UV light through the cold foil
  • carrier film of the cold foil is then removed

The majority of applications utilize UV flexographic printing. Cold foiling technology can, however, also be used with UV web-fed offset printing or UV web-fed letterpress printing. One reason why flexographic printing is the preferred method is its speed.

Another is that it is especially suitable for cold foiling because it provides very good control of the adhesive application step. The adhesive is applied to the polymer flexographic printing plate by means of an anilox roller, and the plate then transfers it to the substrate. The necessary adhesive quantity for a particular substrate can be very easily adjusted by selecting an anilox roller with a suitable volume.

Economic advantages

  • Low upfront costs
  • No stamping dies are required, only conventional printing plates
  • Rapid job changeovers
  • Speeds of up to 120m/min can be achieved
  • Deformation-free transfer


KURZ Foil Solutions for a Brilliant Metallic Appearance:

  • special development for the cold foiling process with thinner metallization
  • fine definition with easy release
  • suitable for fine line and broad area stamping, but also for half tones
  • high gloss
  • good adhesion on most of UV adhesives used in the cold foiling process

KURZ Cold Foils for Narrow-web Printing

Our standard foils for cold foil application in narrow-web printing are LUXOR®/ALUFIN® KPW OP, KPW XU, KPW SL, KPW ST and LIGHT LINE® KPO.

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