True metal effects unlimited

KPW XU: Excellence in overprinting

Our new development aims to provide label printing companies with a cold foil that combines good processing characteristics and overprintability as well as excellent finishing results. KPW XU is characterized as a versatile grade that offers a high covering power and edge definition, high-gloss finish, and good adhesion when applied, as well as good overprintability with UV inks.

KPW XU: Increased efficiency through reduced downtime, reduced scrap and easier processing!

The new KPS-OP series:
The rising sheet-fed performance star

The new LUXOR® / ALUFIN® KPS-OP series was developed to fulfill the highest demands in the cold foil sector. Whether it's edge definition, surface application or gloss level: the KPS-OP has been manifoldly optimized and will impress in every respect. Highly positive practical feedback and the appreciative reviews from cold foil experts stand as proof. The new foil quality is also available for our creative program of diffractive design foils. The counterpart is called LIGHT LINE® KSO.

KPS-OP and KSO are available in standardized quality worldwide. Our technical support is also available to clients from all over the globe. The new horizons in cold foil finishing have no limits.

The web fed cold foil world gets wider

Globally, our LUXOR® / ALUFIN® KPW-OP is the most-used cold foil in the labeling industry. Because it is so easy to process. Because it is perfect for overprinting. Because the quality is consistent. Because the foil converting fits perfectly.

This users' favorite is now also available as the further optimized KPW-OP. And there is a fantastic new use for our web-fed cold foil: holographic individual images such as our trendy Deep Lens design can now be applied via cold foil transfer, delivering surprising optical effects. This is made possible by the KURZ DISTORUN® – the new, independent machine module for use on labeling machines. This will open up completely new design options and business potential for you.


The coldfoil module

DISTORUN® is a unique module for the processing of single images and endless decors in cold foiling transfer. Cold foil single images can be accurately positioned. The section between two images can now be used for efficient foil usage.

DISTORUN® has been developed and designed with modern servo control technology. A specially-designed software program allows for individual frame positioning and efficient use of foil. DISTORUN® is placed on the rail system of the printing machine and the track speed of the printed substrate is recorded by a separate rotary encoder.

A print mark reader notes the positions of the print marks. Recording the track speed and the print mark positions is part of the module and is fitted onto the printing press. DISTORUN® operates separately and is not affected by the controls of the printing press.

General features

  • Processing of cold foil single images and endless decors.
  • No need for any modification of the printing machine.
  • Synchronized with the printing machine.
  • Rail system makes possible different positions to print unit.
  • Foil tension control on unwind and rewind.
  • Foil can be reused and remain true to register.
  • Available in 330 mm, 420 mm and 520 mm, with one, two and three foil stripes.

Specifications - 330 mm model with 3 foil tracks

Max. working speed:
Synchronized with the printing unit
≤ 80 m / min

Accuracy of positioning image:
Depends on the distancebetween two images

≤ 0.30 mm
Min. cold foil width: 30 mm
Max. cold foil width 330 mm
Rewind / unwind maximum diameter 350 mm (3" core)
Max. number of foil tracks 3
Electrical requirements 3 x 400V AC,
50/60Hz, 6kW
Width 720 mm
Depth 1400 mm
Height 650 mm

380 kg

  • All technical data are approximate.
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