Matte & Pigmented Hot Stamping

The Master of Versatility: Our World-Famous Hot Stamping Solution for Every Situation

Matte and pigmented hot stamping has stood for unparalleled state-of-the-art decors for over 60 years. No subsurface is too rough for our all-rounders, and no color shade is too unusual. When it comes to modern matted or pigmented high-end finishes, our aluminum-free hot-stamping finishes are indispensable. Are you looking for a reliable partner for your many different design decisions? Enter LEONHARD KURZ.


  • Ideal for books and cover materials
  • Suitable for a wide range of graphic substrates
  • Embossing possible


  • High coverage: Matte or glossy
  • Rich color spectrum and special colors
  • Pigment finishing

Sustainability Bonus

  • Dry application process
  • Solvent-free
  • No aluminum

A Sophisticated Style with a Dazzling Look: COLORIT® Glossy Black

Matte & Pigmented Hot Stamping

For decades, our stunning COLORIT® Trans 812 Black Glossy has been a favorite product of our hot stamping customers: It impresses with its elegant gloss, high opacity, and easy processing on almost all stamping machines in the industry. 
See for yourself and order our COLORIT® color charts. Many other exciting designs await you.

Black is Beautiful:

  • High gloss
  • For cardboard boxes and paper labels
  • Suitable for delicate to large-scale motifs
  • Great coverage on matte and rough surfaces
  • Very good abrasion and scratch resistance

Application Examples:

  • Cosmetic folding boxes
  • Greeting cards
  • Paper labels
  • Advertising materials, etc.

COLORIT® Transparent

Pigmented Hot Stamping Finishing for Book Covers, Labels, and More

Our classic COLORIT® Transparent Glossy covers your print product like a window. This makes it an excellent alternative to elaborate spot-coating and directs the customer focus to the core statements of your book covers, envelopes, etc. Discover our transparent color variants for fascinating hot stamping finishes. Our inspiring COLORIT® samples await you!

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • Transparent high-gloss or matte
  • For paper and cardboard, artificial and genuine leather, PVC, paints, wood, etc.
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Wide processing scope
  • Sharp-edged shape
  • For single to medium motifs

Application Examples


Book covers




Folding boxes





Shimmering Pearlescence for All Graphic Surfaces


This hot-stamping finishing is really elegant: Thanks to its semi-transparent character, it creates a breathtaking pearlescent effect on your substrates. This allows you to add sophisticated lightness to your cover or label design. Convince yourself and order our fascinating COLORIT® color charts. 

A Soft Look with Mother-of-Pearl:

  • Attractive pearlescent effect
  • Effective design – especially on dark surfaces
  • For cardboard boxes and paper labels
  • Ideal for medium to large-scale motif coverage
  • Can be flexibly used on almost all stamping machines
  • Very good abrasion and scratch resistance

Sustainable Decor without Harmful Components

Outstanding decor that’s friendly to the environment: Thanks to the dry, solvent-free hot-stamping process, only wafer-thin KURZ decorative layers on a pigmented basis are applied to your product. This is great news for flora and fauna because our matte and pigmented decors are completely recyclable and compostable!

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100 % recyclable and deinkable


No impact on composting process


Only ~2.4 g/m² lacquers


Slim aluminum layer: 0.02 µm

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