Matte & Pigmented Hot Stamping

The Master of Versatility: Our World-Famous Hot Stamping Solution for Every Situation

Matte and pigmented hot stamping has stood for unparalleled state-of-the-art decors for over 60 years. No subsurface is too rough for our all-rounders, and no color shade is too unusual. We specialize in matte and pigmented high-end finishing that offers high opacity and strong coverage. Our aluminum-free hot stamping process ensures a high-end finishing touch for books, cosmetic folding boxes, greeting cards, and more. Are you looking for a reliable partner for your many different design decisions? Enter LEONHARD KURZ.

3D rendering detail view, representation of a hot stamping foil for applying finishing


  • Ideal for books and cover materials
  • Suitable for a wide range of graphic substrates
  • Embossing possible
Detailed view, red hot stamping finishing with circular pattern, light mother-of-pearl gloss


  • High coverage: Matte or glossy
  • Rich color spectrum and special colors
  • Pigment finishing
Graphic, green circle, surrounding arrows in blue and purple, lettering 'be a green leader', KURZ logo

Sustainability Bonus

  • Dry application process
  • Solvent-free
  • No aluminum

COLORIT® - A Brilliant World of Hot Stamping Colors

Fascinating Depth, Unlimited Design Freedom, Optimal Durability

Immerse yourself in the world of color with COLORIT® hot stamping solutions and experience surface finishing in fascinating brilliance and color depth, paired with outstanding adhesion properties. From matte to tactile high-end finish: Enjoy an impressive variety and depth of color - entirely according to your specifications. Turn your design ideas into reality even on rough surfaces with COLORIT® and transform your product into an unmistakable premium item.

Come and Discover Matte & Pigmented Hot Stamping:

  • Reliable embellishment of graphic substrates - including rough, demanding materials
  • Matte colors or special effects like metallic or pearl
  • High coverage
  • Individual color spectrum
  • Relief designs possible
  • Dry process, solvent-free, no continuous aluminum layer
Wow effects for rough surfaces with KURZ hot stamping
Matte & pigmented hot stamping effects only with KURZ

A Sophisticated Style with a Dazzling Look: COLORIT® Glossy Black

Matte & Pigmented Hot Stamping

For decades, our stunning COLORIT® Trans 812 Black Glossy has been a favorite product of our hot stamping customers: It impresses with its elegant gloss, high opacity, and easy processing on almost all stamping machines in the industry. From stylish invitations to modern matte book designs, our matte finishing solutions allow for endless possibilities in packaging design, cover design, and paper bag embellishment
See for yourself and order our COLORIT® color charts. Many other exciting designs await you.

Black is Beautiful:

  • High gloss
  • For cardboard boxes and paper labels
  • Suitable for delicate to large-scale motifs
  • Great coverage on matte and rough surfaces
  • Very good abrasion and scratch resistance

Application Examples:

  • Cosmetic folding boxes
  • Greeting cards
  • Paper labels
  • Advertising materials, etc.

COLORIT® Transparent

Pigmented Hot Stamping Finishing for Book Covers, Labels, and More

Our classic COLORIT® Transparent Glossy covers your print product like a window. This makes it an excellent alternative to elaborate spot-coating and directs the customer focus to the core statements of your book covers, envelopes, etc. Discover our transparent color variants for fascinating hot stamping finishes. Our inspiring COLORIT® samples await you!

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • Transparent high-gloss or matte
  • For paper and cardboard, artificial and genuine leather, PVC, paints, wood, etc.
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Wide processing scope
  • Sharp-edged shape
  • For single to medium motifs

Application Examples for Pigmented Hot Stamping Finishing:


Book covers




Folding boxes





COLORIT® Pearl: Shimmering Pearlescence for All Graphic Surfaces

Enhance Your Print Product with Stunning Hot Stamping Effects

This hot-stamping finishing is really elegant: Thanks to its semi-transparent character, it creates a breathtaking pearlescent effect on your substrates. This allows you to add sophisticated lightness to your cover or label design. Convince yourself and order our fascinating COLORIT® color charts. 

A Soft Look with Mother-of-Pearl:

  • Attractive pearlescent effect
  • Effective design – especially on dark surfaces
  • For cardboard boxes and paper labels
  • Ideal for medium to large-scale motif coverage
  • Can be flexibly used on almost all stamping machines
  • Very good abrasion and scratch resistance

Sustainable Decor without Harmful Components

Outstanding decor that’s friendly to the environment: Thanks to the dry, solvent-free hot-stamping process, only wafer-thin KURZ decorative layers on a pigmented basis are applied to your product. This is great news for flora and fauna because our matte and pigmented decors are completely recyclable and compostable!

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100 % recyclable and deinkable


No impact on composting process


Only ~2.4 g/m² lacquers


Slim aluminum layer: 0.02 µm

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