Case Study with Formes de Luxe

A Breathtaking Cover: The Formes de Luxe Issue for LUXE PACK Monaco

Case Study of an Impressive Magazine Embellishment with KURZ Digital Transfer

Formes de Luxe is an English- and French-language print magazine for luxury packaging. The sister publication of the digital medium LUXE Packaging is published quarterly and is the official media partner of LUXE PACK Monaco, the premier trade fair for creative luxury goods packaging. Premium packaging manufacturers from all over the world flock to the French Mediterranean coast every year to showcase their innovative developments in design, digital solutions, and sustainability.

LEONHARD KURZ once again had the opportunity to help shape the high-profile cover page of the magazine for the Fall/Autumn 2022 Formes de Luxe issue, which was published in the run-up to the high-caliber trade fair. In cooperation with the Edelmann Group, KURZ subsidiary Steinemann DPE, and designer Georg Plass, the company created an impressive cover with groundbreaking and extraordinary 3D finishing.

Photo of a multistory, contemporary company building with a red and dark gray facade

Edelmann Group

Founded in 1913, the family-owned company is one of the world’s leading packaging manufacturers for the health care, beauty care, and consumer brands segments.

Illustration of a green and anthracite-colored digital printing machine with the inscription DM-MAXLINER

Steinemann DPE

With its innovative coating systems for the graphic industry, Steinemann DPE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the finishing of print products.

Bronze-colored logo of the Luxe Packaging Insight Dot Com online portal on a black background

Luxe Packaging

The online portal reports comprehensively on developments in the world’s most important luxury packaging markets.

Portrait of graduate communications designer Georg Plass (BA) on a white background

Georg Plass

The communications designer develops conceptual solutions and creates appealing designs for both digital and print projects for brands and companies.

The Goal

Analogous to the spectacular designs showcased at the trade fair and the packaging presented in the magazine, the cover of Formes de Luxe naturally needed to radiate pure luxury, stand out visually, and reflect the combined expertise of everyone involved. The aim was to create a design with haptic relief effects - not an easy task during the digital finishing process in sheet-fed printing. A bespoke shade of dark green also needed to be used to match the Fall season.

Georg Plass, who has been working as an independent designer for various renowned clients and agencies since 2009, remembers:

“Designing a timeless, elegant design and then implementing it with this modern printing and finishing technology was a wonderful project for me.”

Illustration of the Formes de Luxe cover with golden design elements on a dark green background

The Solution

The ambitious cover design was implemented with the DM-MAXLINER 3D. The finishing machine developed by Steinemann DPE is a complete solution that enables the innovative combination of spot and relief coating and metallization in digital printing. This makes it possible to create print products with special, tactile 3D looks that are proven to be fully recyclable. All the advantages of digital finishing - such as fast job changes, high printing speeds, and low resource consumption - are fully retained.

For Alissa Demorest, Editorial Director of Formes de Luxe and Luxe Packaging Insight, the project surrounding the Fall 2022 issue was “A creative adventure from start to finish. The technical expertise of the teams from KURZ, the Edelmann Group, Steinemann DPE, and of course the designer Georg Plass has made this project both enriching and exciting!”

Fun fact: The Formes de LUXE issue with the KURZ cover was already out of stock on the second day of the LUXE PACK Monaco trade fair.


The DM-MAXLINER 3D is a real milestone in digital metallization for industrial-scale projects. LEONHARD KURZ and Steinemann DPE have combined over 40 years of experience in machine development in this extremely reliable construction. With the DIGITAL METAL® overall concept, KURZ offers a holistic strategy in which machine, consumables, and service all come from a single source.

Jürgen Stocker, Head of Sales & Product Management at Steinemann DPE, recalls enthusiastically: “I really liked the project because we had a go at something new with our digital finishing technology. We applied our digital coating as a decoration element to KURZ DIGITAL METAL® - it worked wonderfully, and I think the result looks amazing!”

From Cover to Packaging

Claudia Winter, Marketing & PR Director of the Edelmann Group, also reports only positive things about the collaboration with Formes de Luxe: “This project proves that, as a team, you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it. It was an indescribable feeling to hold the magazine in our hands for the first time. Thank you for this unforgettable, creative, and successful journey.”

It is therefore all the more pleasing that the Edelmann Group has adapted the jointly created cover design for further use - namely for the packaging of a promotional gift from Dr. Grandel. A long-standing customer of the Edelmann Group, the manufacturer of high-quality cosmetics had previously finished one of its product packagings with the DM-MAXLINER 3D and even received the German Packaging Award for it.

Photo showing four project members presenting the Formes de Luxe cover

Wolfram Hahn, Sales Director France at the Edelmann Group, explains how the design adaptation came about:

“The Formes de Luxe cover has shown us that we can also push the boundaries of packaging design in digital finishing in the luxury market. This opens up completely new opportunities for us and our customers to differentiate their products from the competition in the market.”

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