Case Study with PUPA Milano

PUPA Milano and LUXORO Pull Out All the Stops in Packaging Finishing!

LET'S MAKEUP! Case Study for the Cosmetics Industry

Makeup is all about creativity, identity, and self-expression. But also about enjoying experimenting with shapes, colors, and designs. The Italian cosmetics manufacturer PUPA Milano has long recognized that a good product must not only impress functionally, but also offer an exciting overall experience. And that starts with the packaging.

A spectacular shell not only attracts attention, but is also a first point of contact. It makes unpacking the product an unparalleled event and strengthens brand loyalty. The LET’S MAKEUP! concept set meets all of these criteria with flying colors - while also taking into account the increasingly important aspect of sustainability.

PUPA Milano

Beauty products made in Italy: The Milan-based makeup manufacturer is all about creativity, design, and the latest trends in the cosmetics industry.


As a partner of the KURZ Group, LUXORO exclusively supplies the Italian market with first-class and sustainable surface decorations.

The Goal

Several nested boxes with moving parts as well as targeted punch-outs, different surfaces, jungle look, large colored areas, neon shades, and various metallizations: According to the concept drawn up by PUPA Milano and designer Paolo Proserpio, the idea was to create a composition that not only protects the products inside, but also pushes creative and quality boundaries.

Challenge accepted! With KURZ’s comprehensive and sustainable solutions - above all, the possibilities offered by digital finishing - our Italian representative LUXORO set out to implement the highly ambitious project, together with other partners.

The Solution

One of the secret stars behind the implementation of LET’S MAKEUP! is the KURZ DM-SMARTLINER for digital 2D finishing. The compact but powerful metallization unit was used, for example, to finish the entire leafy jungle on the outer shell with the LUMAFIN® Clear gloss effect. The cover is also framed by a golden line, which is also a product of digital metallization.

Inside the box, digitally metallized turquoise lettering and delicate constellations printed in holographic silver create an exciting experience. Closer inspection reveals even detailed anti-counterfeiting elements. And best of all, the entire packaging can be recycled as the transfer products don’t affect the composition of the substrate on which they were applied.

LET’S MAKEUP! is a true work of finishing art that, with its different surfaces, makes full use of the possibilities of hot stamping, cold transfer, and state-of-the-art digital printing  - and to top it off, it works perfectly!

“Thanks to the professionalism of all partners, the result is truly unique and a pioneering new way of thinking about brand packaging,” says Jacopo Capella, Luxoro Business Manager Cosmetic Industry.


Our DIGITAL METAL® solutions for digital sheet-fed printing create real wow effects in packaging design. The DM-SMARTLINER is not only perfect for finishing small series and special orders such as LET’S MAKE-UP!, but also large-scale projects with amazing metallization effects. It also ensures sustainable production and brilliant print results on both paper and cardboard.

How You Benefit from 2D Digital Transfer:

  • Customer-specific metallic finishing
  • Individual labels or packaging
  • For serial customization and individualization
  • Fast start-up times
  • Mostly dry metallization without adhesives
  • Intelligent film-saving system for less waste
  • Reduced energy consumption

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