Case Study with Varvaglione

Golden Drops with TRUSTSEAL® SFX

Case Study on Decorative Finishing of a Label Design in the Food Industry

Top-quality olive oil made to shine: Our Italian partner LUXORO had the opportunity to support the olive oil producer Varvaglione in the label design for its special edition on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. The festive occasion was to be reflected in the labeling of the elegant 'Evo Olive Oil' blend.

Stamp and bottles with hot-stamped labels from LUXORO


As partner of the LEONHARD KURZ Group, LUXORO supplies the Italien market exclusively with first-class surfaces decorations.

Image picture with wine barrel from Varvaglione


World famous Varvaglione provides excellent quality oil and wine since 1921, combining tradition and modern technology.

The Goal

The goal was to acknowledge the character of the product and its origin – while taking into account efficient and sustainable production. The quality of Apulian olives is particularly valued, and the oil is known as 'Apulia’s Gold'. So, there could have hardly been a better inspiration for the design.

LUXORO and the traditional Italian company wanted to draw all eyes to the content. To this end, a self-adhesive paper label with a visual 3D bubble effect should symbolized the precious olive oil.

Olive tree plantation of Varvaglione in Apulia

The Solution

Bottle set with gold hot stamping finishing

With our spectacular TRUSTSEAL® SFX single-image application, it was possible to impressively present the golden drops that represent the olive oil on the labels. The secret of the special design lies in the blend of: 

  • The three-dimensional drop effect with our TRUSTSEAL® SFX,
  • A special look and feel that can only be created by hot stamping,
  • A LUXOR® Gold variant to add a sophisticated touch to the design.

The KURZ subsidiary H+M supplied the perfect stamping tool. Sustainability aspects have already been taken into account in the design, as the paper substrates can be composted in conjunction with hot stamping.

Detail of a paper label with a golden surface finishing


The hot-stamped 3D hologram effects of our TRUSTSEAL® SFX create a unique interplay of light and colors, giving the Varvaglione labels a stunningly raised effect and thus a striking appearance.

Create your very own product eye-catcher and rely on our many years of expertise in the field of hot stamping. Customers can not only choose any shape they like – from round to angular and sophisticated customer-specific designs – we also offer an incomparable range of colors and metallic effects.


Be on the Winning Side with Us:

  • Exclusive custom designs in many shapes
  • Flexible applications for large or small jobs
  • Global support for design and challenges during process

Did You Know?

Does your printing process not have the option of hot stamping? No problem! We also offer our TRUSTSEAL® SFX single-image application as a cold transfer finishing, which creates results that are as elegant as they are stunning. See for yourself.

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White paper label with gold hot stamping by LEONHARD KURZ