World Premiere: KURZ Transfer Carrier Recycling

Our New 360° Transfer Finishing

After years of tireless development work, we succeeded in putting the world’s first recycling plant for PET carrier residuals into operation. Our plant produces recyclates as well as monomers for PET polymerization. In short: We are now able to transform PET leftovers from the finishing carrier into an injection molding material with high quality features. Come and take a look behind the scenes:

KURZ Towards Closed Loop Technology

Up till now, the PET carrier lost its meaning after transferring the decoration layer onto a substrate. The transfer material was removed, collected and stored separately as industrial waste. On its last journey, the PET was mostly reused as substitute fuel instead of gas, coal or oil in various industries like the concrete industry. For more details get our latest sustainability booklet. But with life cycle thinking in mind, we asked ourselves: Should that be all? Do we really want to waste such a valuable raw material? Of course not! So as a pioneer in the graphic industry, we did what was natural to us: We invented a completely new recycling system for PET.

First Recycling Program for Transfer Materials

In contrast to other suppliers in the graphic industry, we have one major advantage: We unite product and process knowledge from a wide range of industries under the family brand KURZ. As a result we are now a specialist for print and packaging as well as for plastic parts. With this unique interdisciplinary know-how, we are the only company worldwide that provides you with a PET recycling system.



Our goal:

Reusing the recyclate as injection molding material for high-quality products. And here is how it works:


KURZ warehouse with colorful foil jumbos

360° Transfer Finishing – How It Works

Trust in our smart order system

Step 1

The KURZ finishing material will be delivered to the customer as usual.

Leonhard Kurz: no waste policy

Step 2

The transfer design is processed in the printing house.

We handle small & large jobs easily

Step 3

The used PET backing film is sorted and stored.

On our way to your facility

Step 4

KURZ collects used PET backing material.

Technical progess: PET recycling by KURZ

Step 5

The PET backing material is fed into the KURZ recycling process.

Precision & passion for sustainability

Step 6

The recyclate properties are optimized.

Recycled & optimized for a second use

Step 7

The new raw material returns to the recycling loop as injection molding material for high-quality products with a wide range of properties.