DM-LUXLINER: Digital Transfer on Ink or Toner

UV-free Digital Finishing on Paper & Cardboard

As part of the DM-LINER® product line, our DM-LUXLINER boasts attractive, metallic decorations for digital finishing. And entirely UV-free at that. You can put a high gloss on labels, paper and cardboard, without subsequently complicating the deinking and recycling process. Whether customization, individualization, small runs or special editions, KURZ digital transfer knows no limits. Depending on your print system, we can make the systems ‘transfer on ink’ and ‘transfer on toner’ available to you.

How Does Digital Finishing with DM-LUXLINER Work?

KURZ Digital Transfer

UV-free printing is one of the major benefits or our DM-LUXLINER. Will the decoration performance suffer from this, you ask? No, because our smart digital finishing decorations firmly stick to both toner and electro ink. For digitally finishing label, paper or cardboard, you just have to pre-print your individual design with a toner-based digital printing machine or electronic ink. The following is the application of the metallization, which uses toner or electro ink as adhesive. Due to the strong merging between pre-print and metallic decoration, an overprint with a digital printer is possible without difficulty.


DM-LUXLINER Specifications

Your DM-LUXLINER Benefits:

  • UV-free digital finishing
  • Finishing for toner- or ink-based digital printing
  • Very easy to set up
  • Good results as of the first sheet
  • Up to 2,400 B2 sheets/hour (depending on print and substrate)
  • Custom-made hologram foils available (tickets, etc.)
  • Consignment stock of transfer foil/Pay-per-Stamp model
  • Automatic foil reordering
  • All features of DIGITAL METAL®

Sustainable Aspects of DM-LUXLINER:

  • Dry metallization with no further adhesives
  • Simplification of deinking and recycling processes
  • No need for additional drying units

Brilliant & Colorful Digital Transfer

KURZ DM-LUXLINER boasts high gloss, outstanding resolution, razor-sharp edges and straightforward overprinting, especially for label, paper, and cardboard applications. Entirely UV-free – for natural printing results. 
The designs to be metallized are first printed digitally. Then, the DIGITAL METAL® metallization is transferred by the DM-LUXLINER and the PET carrier is removed. A colorful overprinting with very accurate registration is possible using suitable digital printing presses.

DM-LUXLINER Design Opportunities:

  • Very high level of detail: up to 4 pt.
  • Can be overprinted
  • Huge color palette
  • Suitable for secondary packaging for food

Colors for Digital Finishing:

  • DIGITAL METAL® Silver, Cold Silver, Gold 220, Gold 385, High Gloss, Finish Gold 385, Finish Silver, Finish Blue 391, Finish Green 390, Finish Red 392, Finish Copper Light 355, Finish Copper Matt 396
  • DIGITAL DIFFRACTION® Laser, Morning Dew, White Stars
  • DIGITAL HOLO® Promotion, Secure

Get free samples and our DM-LUXLINER brochure with all technical information about digital finishing with LEONHARD KURZ.

    Your Sustainable Benefits of Digital Finishing

    Our DM-LUXLINER can be considered the premium class among sustainable digital finishing units. Because in contrast to other digital finishing machines, our DM-LUXLINER requires no UV curing station for the drying process. Furthermore, we ensure that deinking is possible. You doubt the adhesion quality? Don't. Get in touch with us to receive your personal sample collection.