Tactile Digital Metallization with DM-MAXLINER

Digital Spot and Relief Coating

Our DM-MAXLINER machine system breaks the barriers of digital finishing: A clever combination of metallization and coating turns digital printing into a unique haptic relief experience and gives sheets a tangible 3D look. Realized with the support of our subsidiary Steinemann DPE, more than 40 years of machine development experience merge together in our unique flexible DM-MAXLINER. We are now pleased to present you a new landmark for digital finishing with highly reliable industrial construction, high durability and low maintenance costs. Don't miss our latest brochure DM-MAXLINER with detailed information about our stunning digital metallization concept.

2 Operations – 1 Digitally Finished Product

DM-MAXLINER for Excellent Digital Metallization

With a high printing speed at a maximum resolution of 600 dpi, our DM-MAXLINER is the perfect digital printing machine for print shops working with packaging and commercial printing, web-to-print, and letterpress. Packaging, brochures, and personalized printing in large format up to sheet size B1 can be finished in a flash. For the flexible refinement with tactile effects and metallic designs, we rely on two main processes within our DM-MAXLINER: digital spot coating and digital metallization. For your digital finishing you can choose between the basic system, including the DM-MAXLINER with the inkjet tower and the premium system with inkjet tower and metallization tower in one. 




Digital Perfection in 2 Actions

DM-MAXLINER – The Outstanding Digital Metallization System

High-gloss digital metallization

Metallization Tower

For Digital Metallization

  • For flat or raised metallization
  • Embossing effects
  • Up to 5,000 sheets/h
  • Up to 40 m/min
  • Glossy surfaces
  • Filigree structures
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Indexing system
  • Very short set-up times
Real tactile effects from the digital metallization process

Inkjet Tower

For Digital Spot Coating

  • For professional applications
  • Up to sheet size B1+
  • Up to 10,000 sheets/h
  • Up to 100 m/min
  • 600 dpi resolution
  • Minimal pinholes even with thin layers
  • Industrial construction
  • Simple operation, quick job changes
  • Low varnish consumption, little maintenance

How to Profit from DM-MAXLINER?

As a member of the KURZ digital transfer family, our KURZ DM-MAXLINER takes every chance to simplify your working processes. As an all-in-one solution for digital finishing our smart machine architecture brings metallization, spot coating and relief varnishing together. As a result, you benefit from completely new design opportunities. Furthermore, high precision finishing thanks to a highly accurate registration system, automatic re-adjustment of bowing, and time-saving machine operation and maintenance reduces a good amount of workload. 
But what about sustainable aspects? Our DM-MAXLINER shines as the most efficient foil saving module in digital printing. Our secret: a foil pull-back system in combination with a flexible stamping wheel. Do you want to know more about our overwhelming digital printing benefits?

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What You Gain – Economically:

  • Matte and gloss spot-coating in one run
  • Haptic relief effects
  • Flexible reliefs by using different coating thicknesses, including on one sheet
  • High printing speed
  • Large format up to sheet size B1+
  • Top print quality at 600 dpi resolution
  • Short set-up and changeover times
  • Little cleaning required
  • No additional tool costs
  • Swiss made: 40 years of experience in mechanical engineering from Steinemann Technology AG

What You Gain – Sustainable:

  • Savings equivalent of up to 3 conventional printing units
  • Energy saving via fast start-up times and high process speed
  • Low consumption of coating is environmentally friendly and saves resources
  • Low maintenance and sturdy printer parts
  • Low waste thanks to a smart foil saving system

Your Sustainable Benefits of Digital Metallization

Digital finishing has natural sustainable benefits. Just like our DM-MAXLINER. Our spot and coating system convinces with a resource-friendly production without a static printing form. The tight connection between software and finishing units plus the fast realization saves a good deal of time, money and, most important, energy. This reflects directly into a positiv carbon footprint of your company.

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