DM-SMARTLINER: Compact Digital Transfer

Digital Metallization on Paper & Cardboard

The DM-SMARTLINER adds value to your products through multiple attractive decoration or security options, and enables you to add metallic effects to your existing production. Whether for commercial production or mass customization, individualization, short runs, or special editions both in commercial or packaging printing, you will remain flexible and highly efficient.

Look forward to new perspectives and business fields: Convince sustainably and quickly with unique brilliance, excellent resolution and uncomplicated overprinting. For more information, please order our latest DM-SMARTLINER brochure here.

Benefits of Digital Transfer with Real Metal Effects:


For mass customization and individualization


Customized metallic finishing


Individual labels or packaging


Various label or packaging campaigns


For small runs, special editions or different product series


Variable data brilliantly highlighted


Impressive high-gloss effects


Huge variety of colors and metallic shades




Almost no limits to creative design


Late stage customization

How Does the DM-SMARTLINER Work?

Smart Digital Transfer for Stunning Effects

The DM-SMARTLINER transfers the desired metallization onto paper or cardboard using your digital printing process. The transfer of the metallization is made upstream of the digital color printing.

The Shortcut to a Glossy Look:

  • First sheet is usable – no make-ready required
  • Up to 3,100 SRA3 sheets/hour (depending on print and substrate)
  • Machine, consumables & service from one source
  • Custom-made hologram designs available (tickets, etc.)
  • Metallization is overprintable
  • Consignment stock of consumables/pay-per-stamp
  • Automatic consumables reordering


DM-SMARTLINER Specifications

Step by Step to your Digital Transfer Design

Step 1

Designs to be metallized are first printed digitally

Step 2

Transfer of DIGITAL METAL® decoration & removal of the PET carrier

Step 3

An overprinting in 4 colors with very accurate registration for a finishing touch

Technical Insights & Machine Details


Our easy to process digital transfer products reproduce your motifs at extremely high gloss levels, with world-class resolution and razor-sharp edges. The metallization is transferred onto a digitally printed substrate and can then be overprinted easily using digital or conventional methods.

Working Components: Feeder

  • Robust sheet separation system for reliable sheet feeding
  • Separation air blowers to feed sheets reliably
  • Double sheet detection

Feeding Table

  • Feeding table with 300 mm stack capacity

Control System

  • High-quality touch display for comfortable operation
  • Safety system monitors all machine parameters to ensure high process stability

Foil Handling

  • Pneumatic controlled dancer system for constant foil tension


  • Conventional stacker

IR Heating System

Highly responsive IR heating system for accurate temperature control:

  • Constant temperature over the whole stamping roller
  • Quick warm-up time – ready to run in 10 minutes
  • Patented cooling section before releasing the carrier material

LEONHARD KURZ – Your One-Stop Solution Partner

If you enter the field of digital metallization with the compact DM-SMARTLINER, you will also benefit from our comprehensive overall DIGITAL METAL® concept. As a holistic strategy, our one-stop solution meets all your digital print transfer needs – from precision-fit finishing technology and time-saving software to impressive designs and expert service for efficient and brilliant digital finishing.

Provide your customers attractive finishing solutions with high-gloss. To convince yourself, take a look at our amazing metallic effects, realized with DIGITAL METAL®. For more inspiring design ideas, please contact us.

Your DM-SMARTLINER Sustainability Benefits

Eco-friendly, sustainable manufacturing is one of the key topics for LEONHARD KURZ. Therefore, we continuously develop new machine concepts to optimize your production chain. With your ecological footprint in mind, we decided to provide you with a more compact but equally performing digital metallization machine: Our KURZ DM-SMARTLINER. This digital transfer unit supports especially small format printers that finish jobs up to SRA3 sheet size with a high-speed metallization. The saved time and energy input during the embellishment reflects directly and positively on your energy balance.

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