Digital Embellishment With The DM-UNILINER

Stand-alone Metallization Unit

The name says it all: Our DM-UNILINER stands for its universal applicability. The digital embellishment unit, which is independent of printing systems and equipped with inkjet technology, was designed for the narrow-web sector. The special feature: metallization can be applied in pre-print or post-print processes. The overprinting of the metallized designs or holographic structures creates a variety of iridescent color and light effects.

Before diving more deeply into our new digital embellishment unit, let's check what you gain:

Your Benefits of the KURZ DM-UNILINER


For mass customization and individualization


Customized metallic finishing for individual labels/packaging or various label/packaging campaigns


Attractive embellishment for small runs, special editions or different product series


Variable data brilliantly highlighted


Impressive high gloss effects


Huge variety of colors and metallic shades feasible thanks to overprintability


Almost no limits for creative design


Last but not least: late stage customization

What Is Digital Embellishment?

KURZ Digital Transfer

Without influencing the production speed of your conventional or digital printing presses, the downstream digital embellishment process enables, among other things, individualizations such as variable motifs, thus allowing the visually sophisticated late stage customization of your designs. In all cases, the decorative layer is transferred without the PET carrier remaining. The DM-UNILINER transfer machine offers you maximum flexibility in terms of finishing time – for smooth, fast processes with low amounts of waste. Its performance and process reliability are specifically tailored to industrial requirements, so that finishing, even of the shortest runs, always remains profitable.

Perfect foil coordination for best results


  • Web edge control for high level of accuracy
  • Splice table – faster and easier roll change
  • Infeed unit
No space for mistakes: DM-UNILINER inspection table

DM-UNILINER: Inspection Table

  • Backlit inspection table
  • Easy access for scaling and quality check
Embellish your prints - smart & beautiful - digitally

DM-UNILINER: Printing Unit

  • Compact print engine module
  • Automatic cleaning unit
  • Easy accessibility

Technical Insights of the DM-UNILINER

Universal Pre- and Post-print Digital Embellishment

Depending on the substrate, the DM-UNILINER can process up to 75 roll meters per minute. Roll diameters up to 800 mm enable long running times without roll changes. The designs to be finished can be metallized either before the overprinting process or afterwards. The stand-alone unit is therefore predestined for the finishing of web labels. In addition, the KURZ Multi-Use function is also available in the DM-UNILINER: Up to 3 transfer runs are possible depending on the design – for maximum usage of the metallization layer and increased sustainability of your product. More details are waiting for you in our brochure 'DM-UNILINER – Stand-alone metallization unit'. Get the latest version now. 

Quick Technical Overview:

  • Inkjet based stand-alone solution for the narrow web sector
  • Independent from printing system and process
  • Transfer product and machine from one source
  • Maximum flexibility due to pre- or post-print embellishment
  • Metallization of pre-printed designs with register accuracy of ± 0.2 mm
  • No heat deformation and therefore easy to process further




Brilliant finishing with digital embellishment by KURZ

Real Metal Effects in Digital Embellishment

DIGITAL METAL® gives you the option of creating digitally printed products and packaging with real metal effects. Customized transfer systems for brilliant, high-gloss finishing add to your products that special eye-catching gleam at the Point of Sale.

Even for fine details: KURZ DM-UNILINER for digital embellishment

High Gloss Motifs With Sharp Edges

Our easy to process digital transfer products reproduce your motifs at extremely high gloss levels, with world-class resolution and sharp edges. The metallization is transferred onto a digitally printed substrate and can then be overprinted easily using digital or conventional methods.

Digital embellishing shows the most sparkling side of your labels

Design Flexibility

DIGITAL METAL® brings you all the benefits of enhancements for your printed products while preserving your entire range of design flexibility. It represents an attractive alternative to metallized papers or cardboard, as DIGITAL METAL® is compatible with everything from partial metallization to full customization.

Your Sustainable Benefits of Digital Embellishment

As much flexibility as possible is one of the major key values of our KURZ DM-UNILINER. With this new digital embellishment unit you have the freedom to optimize your supply chain in aspects of sustainable manufacturing. The omission of stamping dies and the gain of finishing speed are supporting your decision of remodelling your production chain.

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