Sheet Fed

offset printing

Cold foiling in sheet-fed offset printing – here's how it works:

  • Combination of a print and laminating process
  • Overprinting can be performed both inline and offline
  • Eliminates the need for engraved hot stamping dies
  • Enables full-surface sheet decoration at high speeds , up to 20,000 sheets per hour
  • Allows use of standard offset printing plates, rollers, washing agents, rubber blankets for applying the adhesive
  • Job changeovers, with or without foil, can be performed in just minutes
  • No need to apply opaque white - the foil is simply omitted in the relevant areas
  • Ideal for small print runs and frequent job changeovers


Cold foiling offers considerable design scope:

  • Flexibility when creating designs
  • High register accuracy
  • Very fine elements, negative lettering, rasters and large areas
  • Metallic half-tone effects
  • Optimal foil-to-print register
  • The substrate structure is retained, e.g. a linen effect texture


KURZ's cold foils for sheet-fed offset printing

Our specially-developed foils for cold foil transfer in sheet-fed offset printing are LUXOR/ALUFIN® KPS-OP and KPS-X and Light Line® KSO. These cold foils can be transferred with oxidative, conventionally drying adhesives, but also with UV curing adhesives. All foils can be overprinted with suitable conventionally and UV drying printing systems. For applications involving UV cold foil adhesives and UV overprinting we recommend the use of LUXOR®/ALUFIN® KPS-OP and LIGHT LINE® KSO.

Economical processing

  • Roll lengths of 8000 to 12000 m
  • Roll widths up to 1040 mm
  • Supply on 6 or 3 inch core
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