Customized metallization

HP Indigo and KURZ: Perfect partners to print different.

What an exciting world: The printing industry is continuously changing. Only those who have sustainable concepts and forward-thinking partners, will be able to survive in the long term: Sustainable concepts like DIGITAL METAL®, the innovative enhancement process for digital finishing with real metal. And forward-thinking partners like HP Indigo & KURZ.

The digital print finishing from KURZ perfectly complements HP Indigo presses. This symbiosis ensures real added value in printing with the highest quality, flexibility, high production speed and with precise customized metallization by the KURZ DM-LINER®. To make digital printing really exciting.

DIGITAL METAL® – digital metallization without limits

Look into a bright future with KURZ and HP Indigo, to inspire your customers with brilliant printing effects on multiple surfaces and in fine detail! Our extraordinary design, a strikingly seamless pattern of rich colors with a layered structure, demonstrates the impressive potential of your digital printing with DIGITAL METAL®:

Clearly separated organic structures within the pattern illustrate the premium effect of metallized finishing.Filigree metallizations underline the delicate flower structures. For unlimited design freedom in finest resolution.

Brillant impression

Notebook cover, printed on an HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press, enhanced with DM-LUXLINER and DIGITAL DIFFRACTION®. The large metallized areas give the cover a fascinating look. Contour lines and numbering on the spine were realized without overprinting.

  • Personalization with serial number

Personal appearance

Security Patch, printed on an HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press. Enhanced with DM-LUXLINER and DIGITAL HOLO® Global Secure. Example for an individual, attractive and safe application with a colored overprint. The high registration accuracy of HP Indigo in combination with DM-LUXLINER was emphasized, to metallize the very fine circular elements and dot pattern in high registration to the print. The same foil was used for numbering and name printing.

  • Personalization (name + number)
  • overprinted design area

Individual taste

Paper label, printed on an HP Indigo WS 6900 Digital Press. Enhanced with DM-JETLINER and DIGITAL DIFFRACTION® Crosslight.

It shows a non-overprinted individualized name print and lines around the white area in the center, which are applied partly with overprint and partly without.

  • Personalization with overprint

Finest look

Paper label, printed on an HP Indigo WS 6900 Digital Press. Enhanced with DM-JETLINER and DIGITAL DIFFRACTION® Crosslight, which makes the label on the cylindrical bottle a real eye-catcher.

Printed on a rougher material, the minimum line thickness for the metallization must not be less than 0.8 mm. Otherwise, the line edges tend to crack. The localized or personalized area was placed in the black panels for the names of the bar locations.

  • Fine graphic artwork with different locations

Refreshingly different

Transparent film label for shower gel, printed on an HP Indigo WS 6900 Digital Press. Enhanced with DM-JETLINER and DIGITAL METAL® Silver. The metallization on the plastic material is extremely sharp and brilliant. In this process, the metallization is applied first, then printed with opaque white and then 4c ink. The opaque white does not overprint metallic areas. The subsequent color printing overprints areas with metallization as well as white backed and transparent areas.

  • Personalized with overprint of DIGITAL METAL®
  • 4c + white + DIGITAL METAL®

DM-JETLINER – real metal on paper and synthetic materials

The transfer process can be integrated inline into a suitable digital printing press upstream of the digital color printing. After the foil application with a UV-curable adhesive on the plain substrate, the PET carrier is peeled off, so the substrate can be overprinted using the digital printing press.

  • Can be integrated into production chain
  • Maintains production speed of the digital printing press
  • Foil, adhesive and enhancement module from same manufacturer
  • Speed to market
  • Late stage customization
  • Custom made holographic foils available
  • Pay-per-stamp model
  • Automatic foil reordering

Your creative designer heart loves the individual?
Follow your feelings and find out how you can efficiently realize your brilliant ideas with us.

DM-LUXLINER – real metal on paper or cardboard

The transfer process is made upstream of the digital color printing. Overprinting in 4 colors with very accurate registration is possible using suitable digital printing presses.

  • Very easy to set up
  • Good results from the first sheet
  • Up to 2,400 B2 sheets/hour (depending on print and substrate)
  • Foil and machine from same manufacturer
  • Custom made holographic foils available
  • Pay-per-stamp model
  • Automatic foil reordering

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