KURZ TRUSTSEAL® Lens and TRUSTSEAL® SFX: breathtaking effects for decoration

Flat or raised, relief or not? What you see and what you feel is pure magic.

TRUSTSEAL® Lens creates a spatial depth with an optical effect that's hard to look away from. In round or angular shapes. In silver, gold, or transparent. Hot-stamped or via cold foil transfer. Only KURZ gives you the choice.

Our TRUSTSEAL® SFX provides amazing 3D effects. Breathtaking plastic motifs seem almost tangible, because optically they virtually stand out from the surface. Real eyecatchers that will help your products get undivided attention.

Contact us and get inspired by the endless / various design possibilities for you.

TRUSTSEAL® Lens effect in various shapes

Deep Lens is a crystalline design that captivates observers with extraordinary depth and spatial effect.
The Deep Lens motif allows for wide variety. It is a single image which can also generate continuous designs. The basic motif is a lens available in many shapes, whether round or square, heart- or diamond-shaped, star or sun.

More metal colors are available with overprinting, in addition to metalized lenses in gold and silver. An available transparent lens design makes further design options possible. This means the holographic depth effect can be overlaid on any colors and on image motifs such as brand logos and key visuals.

Pure creativity and eye catching effects

Our new program of diffractive designs offers you unprecedented, irresistible holographic effects. Create a tactile look for your product using elegant matting and gentle undulating patterns with a velvety feel. Create a distinctive brand presence using striking individual images with lively tones and high recognition value.

Get to know KURZ LIGHT LINE® designs – and dive with us into the future of decoration.



Trimatrix gives your product packaging a touch of luxury. The razor-sharp design creates a top-class diamond look on your surfaces with its facet-like depth effects. Its cool aesthetics emphasize the premium character of your product and invite you to touch.

A stylish jewel among the White Elegance, Trimatrix stands for exclusivity and elegance in its purest form.

White Stars

White Stars will make your product a shining star at the point of sale. The stunning endless design creates the beguiling impression of dancing sunrays on your surfaces. This mystical, playful flicker is created by delicate, diffractive depth and motion effects, enhanced by the gentle color scheme in subtle gray.

As the new star in the LIGHT LINE® sky, White Stars puts your product packaging in the limelight.


Get in touch with us if you're interested in further LIGHT LINE® design trends:


The classic holographic rainbow color play has been reinterpreted with a twist.
KURZ Classics combine diffractive structures in an entirely new way with holographic depth effect.
The resulting designs are surprising, and magically attract gazes.

Morning Dew

The familiar lens look in a new context. Snakeskin structure overlays the spatial depth of optical lenses, creating a delightful link between nature and technology, and a simultaneous sensation of surface and space. Reptile lends packaging a special originality. Whether purely decorative or for specific corporate claims, the design is universal.

Space is a lens design – and yet it is not. This spherical, intangible motif seems detached from all shapes and contours. Light and color reflexes emerge in flowing motions and disappear in the depth. The enigmatic design generates boundless fascination. Space adds charm to a wide variety of stamping motifs. The classic, tranquil patterns of motion are well suited to fine details. Large, two-dimensional applications really bring out the depth effect.


The classic lens motif shows off a remarkable profile, shimmering with dew drops, radiating freshness and clarity. Light refracts in the individual drops, producing a subtle play of colors. The plasticity of the drops is striking, creating an illusion of real water drops rolling off the surface.

White Infinities

The White Series features sophisticated matting and lowkey holographic effects with reduced rainbow progression. The focus is on depth and motion effects in elegant white and gray hues.

Shimmering colors are intentionally left out. White-infinite designs simulate textured surfaces and give a tactile sensation.


Subtle light reflections in cool tones and versatile shades highlight the striking design. The icy texture of the surface looks real – its cold and freshness can practically be felt.

Light refraction delivers gentle and calm patterns of motion and the look and feel of a velvety smooth surface. White Velvet features a tactile look which triggers an involuntary impulse to touch the surface. The design makes packaging irresistible to touch.

Revolution for glass and tube decoration

inLINE FOILING® is the breathtaking new process for applying metallic decoration to glass and plastic containers. Developed together with ISIMAT and registered for patent approval, this process creates revolutionary possibilities for the cosmetics and beverages industries.

inLINE FOILING® conjures up brilliant metallization on bottles and tubes without pressure and temperature – inline and at high speed. These fantastic metal effects – some previously not possible – can be created in a highly efficient manner.

inLINE FOILING® – metalization made simple and smart

For the first time, eye-catching finishes easily, economically and quickly enhance products such as glass bottles, drinking glasses and tubes - entirely without pressure or heat.

Innovative inLINE FOILING® is an exclusively decoration process and has no market rivals.

It is so fast and economical because only one process operation is needed to metalize glass and plastic cylinders, while simultaneously protecting them with UV coatings.

It was previously a challenge to enhance tubular hollow parts made of glass or plastic, especially in a durable and high quality way.

Now the revolutionary inLINE FOILING® process development delivers a surprise - an inLINE FOILING® unit is simply integrated into the silkscreen process - nothing else.

An innovative process with specially developed adhesives, metallic foils, silicone stamps and coatings, unique on the market and registered for patent.

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