4-10 May 2017, Messe Düsseldorf

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True metal digital decoration from copy 1

DIGITAL METAL® is the perfect digital concept for metallic decoration in print finishing. Our stamping foils with elegant, real metal are now available for digital printing for the first time – no set-up times, no tools, just completely new design options. DIGITAL METAL® creates individual motifs or customizations using the loveliest metallization.
Our DIGITAL METAL® foil provides highest gloss and sharp-edged motifs, and is easy to process. Foil transfer is 100 % digital and can be overprinted digitally or conventionally.

Our holistic concept with foils, machines and software is easy to implement and efficient.
It will provide new perspectives and open up interesting new business areas.

Roll-to-Roll Version

Foil Transfer Station for Printing Machines from LEONHARD KURZ.

The DM-LINER® UV-INK digitally transfers metallization onto roll-to-roll material. The transfer process can be up- or downstream of the color printing. The designs to be metallized are first printed with UV-ink. The metallization is then transfered to the substrate and hardened with an LED UV. The carrier foil is removed after the transfer procedure.

World´s first integrated UV-INK!


FOILCONNECT® - Enhancing your hot stamping workflow

FOILCONNECT® is our soon-to-be-launched software solution, putting a strong emphasis on usability. By offering an intuitive and modern approach to hot foil usage calculation, we reduce set-up times, cut costs by reducing foil consumption plus make the whole process more transparent and easily manageable for everyone involved, regardless of prior experience.

Easy access through standard browsers, regular updates and continued development to further adapt the software to customer needs, are just some of the big advantages of our cloud service concept, taking hot foil stamping to the next level.

Explore our FOILCONNECT® software at INTERPACK 2017!

KURZ Instant Prototyping

A sample says more than 1000 pictures

Realizing your decoration ideas within a few hours - that's the main idea of KURZ Instant Prototyping. With our new prototyping service we want to support our customers, dealing with their increasing design demands.

Short-lived trends, decreasing production runs and an in-crease in small or limited editions are leading to ever shorter design cycles. Brand name manufacturers need to react more flexibly to market trends and shortening their packaging development times.

KURZ Instant Prototyping enables designers to take inspiration from the world of stamping foils and helps them speed up their design process.

Box in Box app

Download the according APP straight away and then ask for the 'Box in Box' at the KURZ booth in hall 14 / D 25 and in hall 11 / B 04 at PrintCity!

There we invite you to to discover the stunning effects of foil decoration and KURZ trend expertise on these boxes live at interpack. Plus: with the Box in Box app you will enter the world of trends that are lying behind!



Revolution for glass and tube decoration

inLINE FOILING® is the breathtaking new process for applying metallic decoration to glass and plastic containers. Developed together with ISIMAT and registered for patent approval, this process creates revolutionary possibilities for the cosmetics and beverages industries.

inLINE FOILING® conjures up brilliant metallization on bottles and tubes without pressure and temperature – inline and at high speed. These fantastic metal effects – some previously not possible – can be created in a highly efficient manner.

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Thermal-transfer foils in your corporate color

Anyone can do black. Color print catches eyes.

That's why KURZ has created color your brand®. We will develop thermal-transfer ink ribbons for you in your exclusive corporate color, even if it involves very special color blends, which can be held constant for you over the years.

With color your brand®, KURZ is making a statement - when it comes to producing thermal-transfer foils in custom corporate colors, KURZ is leading the way. Our technology helps enhance your market presence. Labels and barcodes in corporate colors make your products even more unique.

TTR Unique - even more protection for your product

You can even take your product security a step further. We have developed a thermal-transfer foil that allows you to add information.

It only becomes visible clearly under UV light, revealing the authentication feature of your choice. This thermal-transfer foil underscores the uniqueness of your product and protects you and your customers. That's why we call it TTR Unique.

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Decorative innovation: visual goes functional

As an innovation leader, we think outside the box and use the expertise from within the KURZ group to provide decorative foils with function. One example: the flexible, highly conductive PolyTC sensor foil, developed by our subsidiary PolyIC. This enables the creation of elegant surface designs with touch function when combined with our foils.

Another product, TRUSTCODE®, combines optical elements with mobile data access.
Using KURZ Apps, the user can find product information, order goods, take part in competitions or contact social networks.

In this way, TRUSTCODE® is opening up completely new horizons in brand communications.

Tax Stamps

KURZ Deep Lens and Spatial FX: breathtaking 3D effects

Flat or raised, relief or not? What you see and what you feel is pure magic. These magical optical effects originate from the workshop of our management of light experts at OVD Kinegram.

Deep Lens
Spatial FX
Duo Color
Multi Color

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