23-26 May 2017, Melbourne Convention Centre

Thank you for visiting LEONHARD KURZ at PacPrint 2017!

LIVE at PacPrint 2017:
DM-LINER® SRA3 format

Foil Transfer Station for Digital Printing Machines

  • Real metal in digital printing
  • Metallic decoration from print copy 1
  • The total concept from most effective digital work

The DM-LINER® allows a digital transfer of metallizations onto paper and cardboard stock. The transfer process is upstream of the digital color printing. The designs to be metallized are first printed with toner or ElectroInk®; then, the DIGITAL METAL® foil is transferred by the DM-LINER® and the PET carrier is removed. For processing, the DM-LINER® can be supplied by sheets as well as rolls. The addition of an unstacker and stacker allows the basic machine to be used for digital sheet-fed printing.

World´s first integrated UV-INK!


The WhiteCube represents any imaginable product from our customers.
It shows a visualization of the four different enhancements.

  • Logo-Scan
  • OVD-Scan
  • Barcode-Scan
  • Individual number code

TRUSTCODE®, combines optical elements with mobile data access. Using KURZ Apps, the user can find product information, order goods, take part in competitions or contact social networks.




  • Excellent adhesion on a broad variety of surfaces, notably on rough or structured paper and cardboard
  • Applicable for Rotary and Up/Down stamping applications
  • Outstanding coverage (in micro embossed and combo stampings)
  • Very good broad area stamping properties
  • Fine details can be realized with rotary applications
  • High processing speed / less dwell time
  • Easy release
  • Reduced make ready times, less pressure required
  • Ideally suited for medium to broad area designs
  • Product Consolidation

Fields of Application
Greeting cards, Wine labels, Uncoated or structured stock, Broad area designs, potentially in combination with sophisticated embossings or micro embossings



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