The fast and easy foil usage calculation

Calculate foil needs online and speed up production

Fast, secure, transparent: The online application FOILCONNECT® revolutionizes the calculation of your needs for hot-stamping foil for sheet-fed applications on up and down machines.

Upload your stamping motif, plus enter your machine data and print volume into the program. Within seconds, it calculates your foil needs and you see how to set up your machine for the stamping process. It also issues an order suggestion, which you can forward by mail or fax to your preferred supplier. Calculating your foil needs has never been easier!

FOILCONNECT® is effortless

Thanks to the intuitive user guidance, even inexperienced workers quickly learn their way around FOILCONNECT®. To make working with the program even more convenient, you can adapt it to your individual needs. The cloud-based application can be accessed with all conventional browsers. You can also use FOILCONNECT® on mobile devices.

FOILCONNECT® lets you produce more efficiently

Calculate foil needs and save. FOILCONNECT® calculates your foil demand as accurately as possible. This means you save time and costs because you only order the amount of foil you actually need. It also allows you to reduce inventory and produce more efficiently.

And since FOILCONNECT® shows you how to optimally set up your machine, you also reduce start-up time. The result is your production process becomes faster, more sustainable and more comfortable.

FOILCONNECT® software solution

  • EASY

FOILCONNECT® provides for transparency

Communication takes place when everyone is speaking the same language. Whether machine operator, purchaser or CEO - all project participants can access FOILCONNECT®.
The calculation process can be retraced and verified by anyone, round the clock.

FOILCONNECT® is secure

Your data is highly protected. Communication takes place only over high-security servers that use cutting-edge technology and are tested on an ongoing basis.

FOILCONNECT® has a future

Like all online applications, FOILCONNECT® undergoes constant development. We continuously adapt the program to the demands of our customers and to technical development. You benefit from regular updates and additional modules which make your production process even more effective.


To get a quick overview of FOILCONNECT®, or if you want to learn about how FOILCONNECT® works, simply download our set of learning materials here.

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