COLORIT®: Amazing Colors for Sophisticated Surfaces

Solvent-Free Hot Stamping

Our renowned COLORIT® range is the solution of choice for bookbinders and printers. Because COLORIT® takes over where wet-print inks stop! Our hot stamping finishing effortlessly masters rough and structured substrates such as linen, paper, or cardboard. The secret: A dry, solvent-free, pigment-based process. Of course, you can also enjoy all the advantages of classic hot stamping with COLORIT®: Amazing color intensity, dependable process reliability, and an impressive feel.

Experience our wide range of happy colors, including our top sellers COLORIT® Black, COLORIT® Transparent plus COLORIT® PearlGet your amazing COLORIT® color charts now!


Advantages for the Graphic Industry:

  • Ideal for books and cover materials
  • Suitable for a wide range of graphic substrates
  • Matte or glossy
  • High coverage
  • Rich color spectrum and special colors
  • Pigment finishing
  • Reliably refines rough demanding surfaces
  • Embossing possible

Sustainability Bonus:

  • Dry process
  • Solvent-free
  • No aluminum