Box in Box.


Box in Box. four.

The KURZ Design Team aims to be continuously up to date. We investigate new tendencies coming from a wide range of innovative and future areas of thinking in design, technology, fashion and art. We collect and analyze this new information and use it as a source of inspiration for trendsetting designs.

The Box in Box series is based on the newest impetus and each Box translates one trend into a visible and tangible experience. Take a fourth step forward and explore the latest KURZ Trends translated into design – step by step and box by box.

Box in Box. four.
The concept is based on the well-known Matryoshka dolls from Russia: One piece fits inside another, larger one to create a complete set of five nesting pieces. After opening the first box, the second one appears – a little smaller in size and ready to reveal the next. 

Curiosity keeps you unpacking one box after the other, providing new inspiration for designers not only regarding the four trends featured but in terms of the creative possibilities offered by hot stamping as well. With the fourth edition of Box in Box, we offer you a stunning source of inspiration that's sure to arouse your curiosity.

Discover the trends and boxes Step by Step

Anonymous: a masked ball for digital rebels

Anonymous. The box. This box shows a life in between: On- and offline, analog and digital. Here but not here, reality and fiction. It uses dark colors and filters to distort and overlay clear shapes beyond recognition. To disguise and protect the rebellious individual. A new kind of camouflage.

Tomorrowland: the desire for a new dimension

Tomorrowland. The box. With a hint of alien planets from distant galaxies. Ultracool yet highly emotional. With an extraterrestrial touch and feel. Press fast-forward and arrive in Tomorrowland.

Magic Realism Nuvo: the magic of fantasy

Magic Realism Nuvo. The box. Romantic and mystical. Triangles transforming from simple geometric shapes into realistic-looking living creatures. Metallic, glossy and semi-glossy decorated forms rising from different levels. Hard reality that blurs into a soft-edged, magical and fluttering dreamland.

Stimulus: the craving to live life to the full

Stimulus. The box. Liquid, vivid colors and moving organic shapes transform into a static geometric pattern. An interplay of mat and glossy surfaces. Serenity and passion interact on the outside of the box, while the inside radiates the calm infinity of a starry sky.

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