TrendColors in Foil

Anonymous – Tomorrowland - Magic Realism Nuvo – Stimulus

The fourth edition of the Box in Box design boxes collection from Leonhard Kurz transports the viewer to unfamiliar design worlds. The Kurz Trend Team once again enlisted the help of agencies to find the latest trends and social currents, and in doing so discovered four new trend directions.

These trends are reflected in the printed motifs and decorative designs of the individual boxes.
The designers at Kurz have also developed eight unusual stamping foil colors that capture and express contemporary moods and attitudes towards life.

Get inspired and discover now!



  • DARK BLUR (LUXOR® 108141N)

  • RUSTY EARTH (LUXOR® 108142N)



  • STRATO SKY® (LUXOR® 108138)


Magic Realism Nuvo



  • SOFT COPPER (LUXOR® 108144)



  • BEYOND BLUE (LUXOR® 108140)
  • BRISK GREEN (LUXOR® 108139)

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