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Faster, more flexible, secure and sustainable – the pressure for manufacturers and processors grows each year. Single solutions dominate the market. But how about innovation? Comprehensive concepts? Or modern technology? It’s about time to shake up the label industry and move on towards the future. But who will take the first step? KURZ will. As the ‘leader’ of label rebellion, we offer you a comprehensive package: sustainable technology, modern solutions, enriching products and fascinating ideas that will guide you into the future.

So let’s team up and join the label rebellion together.

KPW XU – Best in Overprinting

Would you like effective printing while achieving excellent, series-produced finishing quality? Are you looking for a solution to meet the increasing demand for label printing? The new cold-foil grade KPW XU now makes your wishes come true. This outstanding new development for narrow web flexo printing is all-purpose and combines all features necessary for efficient print finishing of labels. The result: KPW XU – a cold-foil allrounder of premium quality.

Excellent Features for Cold Foiling:

  • KPW XU provides optimum transfer features in web-fed applications
  • Excellent overprinting with UV flexographic inks
  • High gloss and great covering power
  • KPW XU features high edge-definition, without any flakes
  • Glossy finishing in silver and gold
  • Premium grade KPW XU is available in the colors ALUFIN® and LUXOR® 220. Other colors, including matte color tones, are under development

Sustainable Benefits:

  • Less downtime
  • Less scrap
  • Easier processing (Plug & Play)
  • Strict adherence to standards and specifications

LUMAFIN® – High-gloss Spot Effects for Labels

Start your label rebellion with KURZ now!

LUMAFIN® Case Study Olive Oil:

Label for the Food Industry

In the first production step, the motif was offset printed in multicolor. Embossing then took place with LUMAFIN® 701 met. bronze, LUMAFIN® 710 yellow and finally LUXOR® 397 in metallic gold. The large-scale use of the LUMAFIN® 710 yellow is particularly attractive here and provides high-gloss contrasts on the lightly structured paper. 701 met. bronze and LUXOR® 397 give the label a luxurious feel with their tipping, which gives the olive oil a sophisticated look and creates a great impression at the POS. Learn more about LUMAFIN® here.

Finest details for outstanding labels

LUMAFIN® Case Study Wine:

Label for the Beverage Industry

The wine label was offset printed in black and red and then hot-stamped with LUMAFIN® 720 red and LUMAFIN® 701 met. bronze. The semi-transparent effect of LUMAFIN® is particularly effective here: the high-contrast print image is still discernible through the metallization when viewed directly, but disperses increasingly towards the edges. The effect is particularly apparent on the curvature of the wine bottle. The stamping die of LUMAFIN® 701 met. bronze also has a matt-gloss nano-embossing structure. All other elements were relief-embossed with LUXOR® 397. Have we inspired your curiosity? Get our fascinating brochure with more LUMAFIN® label designs. For free.

New Spheres for Label Design: 3D Holograms



Can you imagine bright bubbles rise like sparkling water from the surface of your beverage label? Or pearly soap bubbles appear on the packaging of your bath additive? We definitely do! So let’s refresh your brand image and discover new horizons of product design together: This exciting transparent bubble effect of TRUSTSEAL® SFX belongs to the KURZ cold transfer family. Applied with our DISTORUN® module the single image arouses the curiosity of your customers at the POS. TRUSTSEAL® SFX is of course also available for the hot stamping process.

Stunning Label Sprint with DIGITAL METAL®

Print on demand or customized printing jobs were impossible without modern digital printing systems. But why not take one step further? DIGITAL METAL® breathes new, glamorous life into your label designs. At full speed of course, just like your ordinary digital printing machine. Therefore we provide you with a unique quartet of ink, digital transfer unit, software solutions and brilliant metal design decorations. Our carefree digital package helps you realize urgent jobs with brilliance, whilst saving costs with every print. How does this work? No setup time, no extra costs because of stamping dies plus fast job changes. Still not convinced? Let our spectacular label designs impress you!

Learn more about our metallization modules for digital printing:

Cost Saving Cold Transfer

Don’t miss your chance of an overwhelming label design with a massive impact on your customers at the POS, plus minimized production costs. KURZ supports you by fulfilling your dreams with the application module DISTORUN®. Our transfer unit focuses on high-class processing of single images and endless decor plus saving cold foil at the same time. Consumable costs will be reduced and your effort for a healthy environment maximized. Here is how our cost-effective and sustainable foil-saving unit works:


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Your Sustainable Benefits with KURZ Labels

Creative minds need space to develop brilliant ideas. Don't let questions of recyclability and composting restrict your fantasy. Just rely on us in questions of environment-friendly surface decoration. We will find the best technical solutions, advise you in harmless material choice plus inform you about deinking and recycling possibilities of your label designs. Why? Because we want you to follow your dreams. Just like us by driving the sustainable change in the labeling industry forward.