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Decorative protection & functionality

A leader in the security elements industry for over 40 years, KURZ is a pioneer of combining decoration, security, function and interaction. Use the pooled expertise of our innovation specialists OVD Kinegram for the management of light, PolyIC for printed electronics, KURZDIGITAL for digital software solutions and KURZ for decoration and security elements.

Discover new horizons that stretch far beyond simple decoration, and ideas that combine decoration with function. Create added value – for yourself and your customers, e.g. with unique optical brand protection solutions using proprietary technologies. Or combine visual elements such as OVDs, logos or serial numbers with digital functions such as product authentication, track & trace or loyalty programs, via smartphone. Let's find smart solutions for your business!


Modular Solutions for Revenue Protection

Tax stamps secure revenue, protect products and raise consumer's confidence in excisable goods. KURZ' modular solutions for revenue protection furthermore offer a wide range of added value options to tax authorities and security printing companies.

The connection of tax stamps to the virtual world enables additional, valuable functionality such as

  • Track & Trace
  • Validation
  • Code checks
  • Educational programs
  • and many more

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Non-diffractive rainbow colors combined with exciting lens effects.


  • Dynamic Matt
  • Colorflip Red-Green
  • Surface Relief
  • Diffraktive Black

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Tamper-Proof Labels for Your Product

Your customers should know: if it bears your name, it's genuine. That's why KURZ has developed a thermotransfer foil that makes your labels forgery-proof.

TTR Unique VEROSPEC® tags them with an exclusive and invisible security feature. Only devices with special software can read the feature. This is bad news for counterfeiters because they can't even see what they would have to copy.

Decorative innovation: visual goes functional

As an innovation leader, we think outside the box and use the expertise from within the KURZ group to provide decorative foils with function. One example: the flexible, highly conductive PolyTC sensor foil, developed by our subsidiary PolyIC. This enables the creation of elegant surface designs with touch function when combined with our foils.

Another product, TRUSTCODE®, combines optical elements with mobile data access.
Using KURZ Apps, the user can find product information, order goods, take part in competitions or contact social networks.

In this way, TRUSTCODE® is opening up completely new horizons in brand communications.

Printed functionalities
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