The Application Process

Dry, Emission-free, Energy-efficient

Hot stamping sets itself apart through its fundamental environmental compatibility. Extremely thin aluminum and lacquer coatings are applied to a carrier film and subsequently transferred onto a substrate. After the carrier is removed, the coatings remain on the substrate. No emissions are released in the transfer process itself and wet lacquers are not used. As a result of the thin nature of the coating, approx. 2–4 μm, the application process only uses a nominal amount of energy per square meter of finished surface when compared with traditional processes.

  • Dry process
  • Emission-free
  • Minimized set-up time (minimized waste and minimized energy)
  • Unused material can be stored until the next job within the period of warranty (no disposal, no waste of left-overs)
  • Very thin PET carrier material – max 12 µm
  • Transfer technology allows sorting of PET-rich waste stream independent from the sorting discipline of the end consumer
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